Why Your Fitness Regime Should Be Fuelled by Additive-Free Foods

Introduction When it comes to improving your athletic performance and supporting your fitness goals, choosing the right foods is essential. One approach that can help is to opt for additive-free foods that are nutrient-dense and beneficial for your health. Benefits of Nutrient-Dense Foods Additive-free foods, which are whole and unprocessed, provide your body with the… Read More


4 Tips for Hiring a Fitness Coach

Introduction Whether you are planning to lose weight, build muscle, or ‘tone up’, research suggests you will be less likely to accomplish your fitness goals on your own. While you can always sign up for online fitness courses or watch YouTube channels that feature free workout lessons, you might want to consider seeking the guidance… Read More

5 Ways To Deal With A Sports Injury

Introduction Almost everyone will probably experience an injury, whether minor or more serious, at least once in their lives – especially those who regularly participate in sports. Athletes are more exposed to such situations as they play sports more frequently. Sports injuries can range from hamstring pain and skin bruises to sprains and body pains.… Read More

7 Endurance-Boosting Tips for Tough Workouts

Introduction Some workouts are tougher than others and completing them means digging deep into your reserves for that last grain of willpower. At least when you are done, you can pat yourself on the back and look forward to uploading your workout stats to Strava, for example. But what happens if you are struggling to… Read More

Different Workout Plans

Getting Started with a Workout Plan Working out regularly contributes to improved physical and mental health. If you do not work out on a regular basis, you may become overwhelmed with starting the process. It is important to research your options and find the right workout routine for your body. If you have health issues,… Read More

Football & Goals…

“In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are.” Arnold H. Glasgow (1905 to 1998) His business was a humour magazine that he marketed to firms nationally, which firms would turn it into their “house organ” to send to their customers. He carried on this business for over… Read More

Fitness Goals: Keeping Yourself in Top Shape

Exercising our muscles and burning calories is one way to enjoy the mental, physical, and health benefits associated with fitness. Setting a fitness goal is one way to get the most out of physical activity. Fitness goals encourage us to push hard, hold us accountable for our actions, and help us stay optimistic about the… Read More