This article outlines the general policy concerning the delivery of the British Army’s Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) programme.

The relevant documents can be found below (UK Government, 2015; Xt Learn, 2015):

PNCO CLM TrainingJNCO CLM Training
SNCO CLM TrainingWO CLM Training

From October 2020, the Army CLM programme will be replaced by the Army Leadership Development Programme (ALDP).

Although originally slated to start from October 2020, the revamped career courses are due to go online from June 2020.

  • ALDP has replaced the old CLM parts 1-3.
  • Lance Corporals undertake a ten-day military training package.
  • Corporals and Sergeants also attend a seven-day military education course.
  • The warrant officers’ schedule combines both modules, with exact details to be published in the coming months – Until then they will continue with CLM.
    • Warrant Officer training was revamped from April 2021.
  • Planners say the new scheme represents a more stimulating, demanding test.
  • For full details read ABN 058/2020.

The ALDP Handbook has superseded the CLM Handbook.

Information contained within the CLM Policy Handbook includes:

  • Part One: Introduction.
    • Introduction.
    • The CLM Programme.
    • Aim.
  • Part Two: The CLM Course.
    • PNCO Training.
    • Training for JNCOs, SNCOs and WOs.
    • Part 1 (Substantiation) T&E.
    • Part 2.
    • Part 3 (Professional Development).
    • CLM Progression.
    • CLM Content.
    • Descriptions of CLM Courses.
    • Completion of T&E with a Specified Timeframe.
    • Selection and Loading.
  • Part Three: Entry Standards.
  • Part Four: Assessment, Recording, Reporting and Remediation.
    • Background.
    • JPA Record Keeping.
    • Remediation.
    • Return to Unit.
  • Part Five: Accreditation.
  • Part Six: Sustaining the CLM Programme.
    • Training Requirements Authority.
    • Training Delivery Authorities.
    • Training Providers.
    • Proponents.
  • Part Seven: Administration and Welfare.
    • Administration.
    • Welfare.
  • Part Eight: AEC Support and Remote Outstations.
  • Part Nine: Transitional Arrangements from CLM 2004.
  • Part Ten: Appendices.
    • Appendix A: PNCO CLM Training.
    • Appendix B: JNCO CLM Training and Education.
    • Appendix C: SNCO CLM Training and Education.
    • Appendix D: WO CLM Training and Education.
    • Appendix E: Course Application Proforma.
    • Appendix F: Literacy and Numeracy Qualifications.
    • Appendix G: Proponents.
    • Appendix H: CLM Administration Flowcharts.
    • Appendix I: Guide to CLM Part 2 and Workplace Induction.
    • Appendix J: Medical Standards for Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS) Training.

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