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This article outlines the general policy concerning the delivery of the British Army’s Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) programme.

The relevant documents can be found below (UK Government, 2015; Xt Learn, 2015):

PNCO CLM Training JNCO CLM Training
SNCO CLM Training WO CLM Training

Information contained within the CLM Policy Handbook includes:

  • Part One: Introduction
    • Introduction
    • The CLM Programme
    • Aim
  • Part Two: The CLM Course
    • PNCO Training
    • Training for JNCOs, SNCOs and WOs
    • Part 1 (Substantiation) T&E
    • Part 2
    • Part 3 (Professional Development)
    • CLM Progression
    • CLM Content
    • Descriptions of CLM Courses
    • Completion of T&E with a Specified Timeframe
    • Selection and Loading
  • Part Three: Entry Standards
    • Literacy and Numeracy Tests
    • Fitness
    • Mandatory Annual Training Tests
    • Information Technology (IT) Training
  • Part Four: Assessment, Recording, Reporting and Remediation
    • Background
    • JPA Record Keeping
    • Remediation
    • Return to Unit
  • Part Five: Accreditation
  • Part Six: Sustaining the CLM Programme
    • Training Requirements Authority
    • Training Delivery Authorities
    • Training Providers
    • Proponents
  • Part Seven: Administration and Welfare
    • Administration
    • Welfare
  • Part Eight: AEC Support and Remote Outstations
  • Part Nine: Transitional Arrangements from CLM 2004
  • Part Ten: Appendices
    • Appendix A: PNCO CLM Training
    • Appendix B: JNCO CLM Training and Education
    • Appendix C: SNCO CLM Training and Education
    • Appendix D: WO CLM Training and Education
    • Appendix E: Course Application Proforma
    • Appendix F: Literacy and Numeracy Qualifications
    • Appendix G: Proponents
    • Appendix H: CLM Administration Flowcharts
    • Appendix I: Guide to CLM Part 2 and Workplace Induction
    • Appendix J: Medical Standards for Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS) Training

Useful Links & References

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  • UK Goverment (2015) CLM Policy Handbook, Chapter 1. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 14 July, 2015].
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  • Xt Learn (2015) CLM Training and Education Policy Handbook. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 14 July, 2015].

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