Logs, ash poles and medicine balls are valuable aids in developing physical fitness, co-ordination and dexterity, and can be a great alternative to ‘normal’ training sessions. Some of the benefits of these forms of training include:

  • The equipment can be used as a weight to assist in progressive strengthening exercises;
  • Exercises can be developed to improve dexterity and judgement of distance;
  • Sessions can be fun, enjoyable and interesting; and
  • They add variety to training programmes.

Points to Consider

When conducting these types of exercise sessions the following points should be considered:

  • Partners or groups should be approximately the same size and weight.
  • The distance between partners or groups should be adjusted to suit the exercise.
  • Exercises should be developed to ensure maximum activity.
  • Throwing exercises must be strictly controlled.
  • The class should be suitably dressed.
  • Mats should be used where required.
  • Equipment should be inspected before use.
  • Instructors should be aware of any trip hazards.
  • Class control and safety should be maintained at all times.

Log Exercises

Exercise, Logs

Ash Pole Exercises

Exercise, Ash Poles

Medicine Ball Exercises

Exercise, Medicine Balls


2 thoughts on “Logs, Ash Poles & Medicine Balls

  1. Hi need some advice please
    How much are the military Ash poles?
    I need to bill someone who has lost 4 poles of mine which I’m not particularly pleased. Thank you for your guidance I think that I would say about £50 each



    1. Hi Ian,

      1. Go to the retailer you bought your ash poles from and take a note of the price; or
      2. Get your friend to go to the retailer and buy the replacement ash poles for you.


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