UKSF Selection: Hills Phase, Brecon Beacons
This section will be looking at the Elite & Special Forces of the various Armed Forces around the world, and will include areas such as recruitment, selection and military training programmes.

United Kingdom Elite & Special Forces
Australian Elite & Special Forces
United States Elite & Special Forces
German Elite & Special Forces
French Elite & Special Forces
Indian Elite & Special Forces
Chinese Elite & Special Forces

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    1. Hi Jordan,

      Simple Answer: Maybe
      Longer Answer: SOWT are provided training in SF TTPs as part of their training programme, however, they are not technically ‘combat troops’; i.e. their purpose is not locate and engage the enemy, it is to provide meteorological advice/reports in austere environments. That said, the SF TTP training provides them with the skills and knowledge to work with direct action SF colleagues in order to operate effectively in a tactical situation should the need arise (e.g. team ambushed).

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