This page of the blog will be gradually filled with exercise and training programmes that may be of use to fitness professional’s and individuals, for either individual or group fitness.

Please click on the programme name to download.

Programme 01Exercise Countup

One of my very first exercise programmes as a young private!

Programme 02: CV CT Trg One

A short, sharp Cardiovascular circuit training session.

Programme 03: Muscular Endurance One and Muscular Endurance Two

Two variations of the same session.

Programme 04: Overload Circuit

A classic gym-based overload circuit session.

Programme 05: Strength-Endurance Training One

A two-part session, or can be completed individually: 01, chest and triceps; and 02, back and biceps.

Programme 06: The 330 Burpee Challenge (PDF) (2013)

A high-intensity session set against the clock and your motivation, good luck!


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