This section will be looking at a number of areas such as recruitment and selection, military training and the CLM range of programmes for the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, as highlighted below.

Teamwork is...

Recruitment & Selection Pages:

  1. UK Recruitment & Selection Overview
  2. British Army Recruitment & Selection
  3. Royal Marines Recruitment & Selection
  4. Royal Navy Recruitment & Selection
  5. Royal Air Force Recruitment & Selection

Initial (Phase 1) Training Pages:

  1. UK Military Training Overview
  2. British Army Phase 1 Initial Military Training
  3. Royal Marines Initial Training
  4. Royal Navy Initial Naval Training
  5. Royal Air Force Initial Training

Specialist (Phase 2) and Career (Phase 3) Training Pages:

  1. British Army Phase 2 & 3 Training
  2. Royal Marines Phase 2 & 3 Training
  3. Royal Navy Phase 2 & 3 Training
  4. Royal Air Force Phase 2 & 3 Training

Command, Leadership & Management (CLM) Programme of Courses Pages:

  1. UK Military CLM Programmes
  2. British Army CLM Programmes
  3. Royal Marines CLM Programmes
  4. Royal Navy CLM Programmes
  5. Royal Air Force CLM Programmes

Officer Career Development Programmes:

  1. UK Military Officer Career Development Programmes
  2. British Army Officer Career Development Programmes
  3. Royal Marines Officer Career Development Programmes
  4. Royal Navy Officer Career Development Programmes
  5. Royal Air Force Officer Career Development Programmes

OJAR & SJAR: Officers’ and Servicepersons’ Joint Appraisal Report


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