This section provides an overview of the recruitment, selection and training of the various elite and special forces within the Australian Defence Forces. It also provides an overview of the units that support these special forces.

Australian Army’s Special Operations Command (SOCOMD)
Australian Special Air Service (SASR) Selection
Australian Commando Regiments
Special Operations Engineer Regiment (SOER)
Special Operations Logistics Squadron (SOLS)
171st Aviation Squadron, 6th Aviation Regiment
ADF School of Special Operations [1]
ADF Parachuting School [2]
Defence Special Operations Training and Education Centre (DSOTEC)
Special Operations Military Working Dogs
Clearance Diving Teams, Royal Australian Navy
No.4 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force

[1]: Previously known as the Special Forces Training Centre.

[2]: Known as the Parachute Training School (PTS) prior to 19 November 2019.


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