HR, TrainingConducting a Session

Within the outdoor fitness environment, this can be anything from conducting a fitness assessment to a circuit training session or from coaching squash to football.

With regards to reviewing training, conducting a session involves the ability to:

  1. Observe the individual or group as well as conducting the session; and
  2. Recognise and record specific aspects of the session, although this comes with experience and knowledge.

Analysing Performance

There are five stages of analysing performance and these are:

  1. Observation stage: involves gathering and recording information using such methods as:
    1. Video analysis: provides immediate feedback and acts as a permanent record.
    2. Specific tests: need to be relevant to specific sport/task.
    3. Peer review: usually a coaching session whereby all those involved have the opportunity to discuss one another’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Analysis stage: identifies what actually happened and why it happened.
  3. Evaluation stage: usually takes place after the session and follows the two previous stages.  The fitness professional will use their knowledge and experience to make recommendations for future development and training.
  4. Feedback stage: gives the individual or group information about their performance following the previous three stages.
  5. Planning stage: ensures that the recommendations taken from the evaluation form goals for future sessions.

Drawing Conclusions

Drawing conclusions can only be done once all relevant information has been collated. The fitness professional should be able to recognise what is required and provide recommendations for further development.

Planning for Future Sessions

Fitness professionals should be able to:

  • Provide relevant feedback/information;
  • Discuss plans to develop and train in relevant areas;
  • Identify methods/areas to develop their clients;
  • Identify methods/areas for personal development; and
  • Plan for future sessions using the information gained from prior activities and analysis.

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