Last Updated: 26 August, 2015

This section provides an overview of the recruitment, selection and training of the various elite and special forces within the UK military. It also provides an overview of the units that support these special forces.

SBS Wings (Current)
UK Directorate of Special Forces
United Kingdom Special Forces Selection SRR: Special Reconnaissance Regiment
SFSG: Special Forces Support Group No.2 Squadron: The RAF Regiment
18 (UKSF) Signals Regiment UKSF: E Squadron
JSFAW: Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing 47 Squadron RAF
AACC: All Arms Commando Course Overview P Company Selection & Training Courses Overview
The Pathfinders Platoon 4/73 (Sphinx) Special Observation Battery Royal Artillery
148 (Meiktila) Commando Forward Observation Battery Special Forces Parachute Support Squadron
299 Signal Squadron (Special Communications) British Army Military Diver Training
Outline of the British Special Air Service (SAS) (TBC) Outline of the Special Boat Service (SBS) (TBC)
Special Forces (Reserve) Overview (TBC)



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