Special Operations Logistics Units1.0     Introduction

The Special Operations Logistics Squadron (SOLS) is a specialised unit of the Australia Army, and one of its newer units, and provides a number of leading edge capabilities in support of special operations.

This article will provide the reader with an outline of the SOLS starting with its background and then role. An overview of its organisation and capabilities will be provided before moving on to recruitment and selection and the SOLSs motto. Finally the article will provide some useful links.

2.0     Background

In July 2003 the Australian Army formed the Special Operations Combat Service Support Company (SOCSSC) in order to provide second and selected third line support to the Australian Defence Forces’ (ADFs), then, newly created Special Operations Command (SOCOMD).

During 2006 a decision to rename the unit was made and SOCSSC became the Special Operations Logistics Squadron.

3.0     Role

SOLS is a Squadron-sized element of Logisticians, responsible for providing diverse (close and general) logistic support to SOCOMD in all theatres of operations, around the world.

SOLS is the only independent logistic Squadron within SOCOMD and the only independent logistic Squadron within the Australian Army.

4.0     Organisation

The SOER is commanded by a Major (OF-3) and is headquartered in Holsworthy Barracks, Sydney.

5.0     Useful Links



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