Training for Your First Running Competition: A Quick Guide

Introduction Running your first race can be scary yet exciting. With proper training and preparation, you can successfully complete any distance while avoiding injury. Follow this quick guide to train for and reach the finish line at your first competitive running event. Assess Your Current Fitness Level Before starting a training plan, honestly assess your… Read More


Stretching Exercises for Enhancing Your Workout

Introduction When it comes to exercise and fitness, stretching can often take a back seat, being overlooked amid more intense or other activities. Still, this stretching holds significant potential for a variety of reasons. For example, knowing what stretches to do before running or which ones to perform after your practice can aid in injury… Read More

Who is Sentayehu Ejigu?

Introduction Sentayehu Ejigu Tamerat (born 21 June 1985 in Debre Markos, Amhara Region) is an Ethiopian long-distance runner, who specialises in the 3000 and 5000 metres. She represented Ethiopia at the 2004 Summer Olympics. After narrowly missing out on medals at the 2006 IAAF World Indoor Championships and 2009 World Championships, she made her breakthrough… Read More

Who is Abubaker Kaki Khamis?

Introduction Abubaker Kaki Khamis (Arabic: أبو بكر خميس كاكي; born 21 June 1989) is a Sudanese runner who specialises in the 800 metres. He is a two-time World Indoor Champion over the distance and also won gold at the 2007 All-Africa Games. He represented Sudan at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. He is a… Read More

Who is Gunhild Hoffmeister?

Introduction Gunhild Hoffmeister (born 06 July 1944) is a retired East German middle-distance runner. She competed at the 1972 and 1976 Olympics and won two silver and one bronze medal, becoming the only German distance runner to win three Olympic medals. Together with Hans Grodotzki she is the only German runner to win two medals… Read More

Who was Mona-Lisa Pursiainen?

Introduction Eivor Mona-Lisa Pursiainen (née Strandvall; 21 June 1951 to 07 August 2000) was a Finnish female sprinter, who was especially successful in 1973–1974, being ranked #2 in the world over 100 metres and # 3, over 200 metres and 400 metres in 1973. Career In 1974, she was ranked #7 in the 100 metres… Read More

Who Was Laszlo Tabori?

Introduction László Tábori (06 July 1931 to 23 May 2018) was a Hungarian middle- and long-distance runner, best known for equalling the 1500 metres world record and placing 4th in that event at the 1956 Summer Olympics. Early Career and Rise to Fame Tábori was born in Košice. Although he had already taken up running… Read More