Disease & Non-Battle Traumatic Injuries in US Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Disease and Non-Battle Traumatic Injuries Evaluated by Emergency Physicians in a US Tertiary Combat Hospital. Background Analysis of injuries during military operations has focused on those related to combat. Non-combat complaints have received less attention, despite the need for many troops to be evacuated for non-battle illnesses in Iraq. This study aims… Read More


Is Sleep Deprivation & Trauma-based Training Utilised in Royal Navy & Royal Marines Training?

Many people outside of the military have little understanding of the process of military training, especially basic training. Sleep deprivation and trauma-based training is not employed as a tool for either the Royal Navy or the Royal Marines, as discussed below: Royal Navy (RN) Initial Training: Trainees, both officers and other ranks, may experience a lack… Read More

The Royal Marines Police Troop

Did you know you can be a ‘policeman’ in the Royal Marines (RM)? In 2008, the RM Police Troop was composed of: Captain (OF-2): One (1). Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2, OR-8): One (1). Colour Sergeant (OR-7): Two (2). Sergeant (OR-6): Three. (3). Corporal (OR-4): Nine (9). One being a British military policeman from the… Read More

Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) Training & the UK Armed Forces

Dynamic risk assessment (DRA) training is provided to the UK armed forces, however, the design and delivery varies between the Services, as outlined below: Royal Navy: DRA training is provided to Royal Navy Police (RNP) personnel due to the nature of their role. It is delivered as part of their personal safety training and is… Read More

Military Mnemonics

Below is a selection of useful and plainly amusing military mnemonics: F.B.I.D.nm Full / Brief / Individual / Delayed R.S.V.P. Rhythm, Speed, Volume & Pitch C.L.A.P. Clear, Loud, As an Order & and with Pauses C.L.A.S.S.I.C. Covert Local Area Sensing System for Intruder Classification T.O.B.I.A.S. Territorial Observation By Intruder Alarm System G.R.I.T. Group, Range, Indication… Read More

Trauma Exposure in US Soldiers: Linking Genetics, Bipolar Disorder & Alcohol Misuse

Research Paper Title Trauma exposure interacts with the genetic risk of bipolar disorder in alcohol misuse of US soldiers. Background To investigate whether trauma exposure moderates the genetic correlation between substance use disorders and psychiatric disorders, we tested whether trauma exposure modifies the association of genetic risks for mental disorders with alcohol misuse and nicotine… Read More

What is The Incidence of Military Training-related Injuries in Chinese New Recruits?

Research Paper Title The incidence of military training-related injuries in Chinese new recruits: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Background Training-related injuries are the main reason for disability, long-term rehabilitation, functional impairment and premature discharge from military service. The aim of this study was to identify the incidence of injuries in the training of Chinese new… Read More