Photography of Military Vehicles/Ships on Public vs Private Land (UK)

Is It Illegal to Take Photographs of Military Vehicles, Ships, etc? Devon & Cornwall Police state: It is not illegal to take photographs or video footage in public places unless it is for criminal or terrorist purposes. They go on to state: If a person is seen taking photos outside a police station/mosque/chemical factory/facility/military base… Read More


A Brief Overview of US Military Bases, Units and Personnel in the UK

Introduction The US military has had a long association with the UK, retaining a range of military bases and personnel since World War II. What are the Locations of Military Bases and Installations Operated by the US Military? RAF Mildenhall: Suffolk, UK. RAF Lakenheath: Suffolk, UK. RAF Feltwell: Norfolk, UK. RAF Alconbury: Cambridgeshire, UK. RAF… Read More

What is the Cost & Location of the UK’s Overseas Military Bases?

Introduction The UK maintains a range of UK overseas bases which provide a variety of functions for the military personnel and assets that are located there or transit through. Bases by Location and Cost Belize: £1.4m. Oman: £3.5m. Bahrain: £4.2m. Brunei: -£0.3m. Cyprus: £80.0m. Qatar: £2.6m. Singapore: £1.2m. Chagos Islands: £3.4m (the annual running cost… Read More

What is HURCON?

Introduction Hurricane Condition (HURCON) is an alert scale used by the United States Armed Forces in the North Atlantic and the North Pacific to indicate the state of emergency or preparedness for an approaching hurricane. This designation is especially important to installations in the southern Atlantic region, as it is most affected by hurricanes. In… Read More

What is a Cantonment?

Introduction A cantonment is a military or police quarters. The word cantonment, derived from the French word canton, meaning corner or district, refers to a temporary military or winter encampment. For example, at the start of the Waterloo campaign in 1815, while the Duke of Wellington’s headquarters were in Brussels, most of his Anglo-allied army… Read More