Space Cameras: The Technology Allowing Us to See What We Need to From Space

Space cameras allow us to see from space – both further out into the universe and what is happening on Earth. Yet there is still more to develop here. Read More


Does the UK Military Have Any Railways?

Introduction The UK military has access to various rail assets and even had its own military railway units. MOD Railhead Facilities The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has railhead facilities at: Ashchurch; Bicester; Glen Douglas; Kineton; Longtown; Ludgershall; Warminster; Marchwood Port. Marchwood Port is owned by Solent Gateway Ltd but the MOD holds some rolling stock… Read More

What is the Logistic Support Operating Centre (UK)?

Introduction The Logistic Support Operating Centre (LSOC) was recently formed by merging the Logistics Delivery Operating Centre (LDOC) with the Support Operating Centre. The new LSOC sits with the Strategic Enablers Domain within Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), a part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). What Does LSOC Do? LSOC is the functional lead… Read More

What is the Cost & Location of the UK’s Overseas Military Bases?

Introduction The UK maintains a range of UK overseas bases which provide a variety of functions for the military personnel and assets that are located there or transit through. Bases by Location and Cost Belize: £1.4m. Oman: £3.5m. Bahrain: £4.2m. Brunei: -£0.3m. Cyprus: £80.0m. Qatar: £2.6m. Singapore: £1.2m. Chagos Islands: £3.4m (the annual running cost… Read More