Adventurers Wanted for Adventurous Army Jobs

The Adventurous Training Group (Army) is seeking personnel to serve as temporary employed elsewhere (TEE) staff (previously incremental staff) at various locations on detached duty. There is a requirement for instructors, stores staff, drivers, and other general duties staff. Previous AT qualifications or experience are valuable but not essential. Candidates must be physically fit –… Read More


Covid, Online Wargaming, & Keeping Soldiering Skills Sharp

An online soldier community that has been deploying video games to help keep battlefield skills sharp has started to attract toplevel interest. Players in the tri-Service UK Fight Club have turned to wargaming titles as a way of engaging each other online and practising manoeuvres that could be used on real-life exercises. Now, having picked… Read More

British Army’s Op Smart Team & Mental Wellbeing

Officers and soldiers have been urged to keep a close eye on each other’s mental wellbeing in a move to spot any problems early on – and provide help if needed. The Army has stressed that preventing issues from snowballing is a priority while emphasising that nobody should be afraid to ask for assistance. The… Read More

How to Choose a Suppressor for Your Rifle

When we watch action movies, say James Bond for example, we see that the various guns and rifles used may have a special attachment, which silences (or suppresses) the sound made by the weapon when it is fired. We often hear this attachment being called a silencer, and that exactly is what a suppressor is.… Read More

Deployment Experiences and the Role of Military Leadership

Research Paper Title Military Personnel Ratings of a Deployment and Their Positive and Negative Deployment Experiences. Background There is limited investigation of how military personnel evaluate their deployment experiences. An understanding of their perceptions would help unit psychologists to advise commanders on ways to improve the deployment experience (and therefore mental well-being) of personnel. This… Read More

Can Military Personnel use Tyrosine or Caffeine to Enhance Cognitive Performance Sleep-deprived?

Research Paper Title A Systematic Review of the Effect of Dietary Supplements on Cognitive Performance in Healthy Young Adults and Military Personnel. Background Intake of dietary supplements has increased, despite evidence that some of these have adverse side effects and uncertainty about their effectiveness. This systematic review examined the evidence for the cognitive benefits of… Read More

Let’s Get Acquainted with the Springfield Xdm (9mm) Pistol

Sometimes there is confusion between pistols and revolvers, although they are not the same, they are both handguns. A pistol is a type of handgun that has a single chamber, or multiple chambers, used to hold the cartridge while revolvers have rotating chambers that hold the bullet. The Springfield Xdm (9mm) Pistol is the number… Read More