Let’s Get Acquainted with the Springfield Xdm (9mm) Pistol

Sometimes there is confusion between pistols and revolvers, although they are not the same, they are both handguns. A pistol is a type of handgun that has a single chamber, or multiple chambers, used to hold the cartridge while revolvers have rotating chambers that hold the bullet. The Springfield Xdm (9mm) Pistol is the number… Read More


Linking Sleep Disorders & Sleep-related Medical Diagnosis to Nondeployability in Soldiers

Research Paper Title Sleep Disturbances and Predictors of Nondeployability Among Active-Duty Army Soldiers: An Odds Ratio Analysis of Medical Healthcare Data From Fiscal Year 2018. Background The impact of sleep disorders on active-duty soldiers’ medical readiness is not currently quantified. Patient data generated at military treatment facilities can be accessed to create research reports and… Read More

What is the Impact of Musculoskeletal Injuries on US Army Readiness?

Research Paper Title Musculoskeletal Injuries and United States Army Readiness Part I: Overview of Injuries and Their Strategic Impact. Background Noncombat injuries (“injuries”) greatly impact soldier health and United States (U.S.) Army readiness; they are the leading cause of outpatient medical encounters (more than two million annually) among active component (AC) soldiers. Noncombat musculoskeletal injuries… Read More

What is the Gordon’s Cup?

The Gordons’ Cup is a Military Skills competition designed totest Royal Corps of Signals Phase 2 and Permanent Staff soldiers across a variety of physically and mentally demanding serials. These stands are delivered by 4 (Mil Trg) Squadron, 11th (RSS) Signal Regiment, and include: A bayonet range; Section attack lane; SERE stand; ‘Rapid Replen’ stand;… Read More

Does EEG Theta Power Activity Reflect Workload among Army Combat Drivers?

Research Paper Title EEG Theta Power Activity Reflects Workload Among Army Combat Drivers: An Experimental Study. Background The researchers aimed to evaluate the effects of mental workload variations, as a function of the road environment, on the brain activity of army drivers performing combat and non-combat scenarios in a light multi-role vehicle dynamic simulator. Methods… Read More

What is the Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief Troop?

The Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Troop play a vital role in supporting humanitarian disaster relief to those worst affected. HADR Troop is a vital asset of the Royal Navy, providing the brains, brawns and expertise in the aftermath of the wake of a natural disaster, such as restoring power and water supplies. The… Read More

A Shot to the Heartprint!

Before pulling the trigger, a sniper planning to assassinate an enemy operative must be sure the right person is in the cross-hairs. To help with this Western forces commonly use software that compares a suspect’s facial features or gait with those recorded in libraries of biometric data compiled by police and intelligence agencies. However, this… Read More