French Military Operations: What are the Prehospital Challenges?

Research Paper Title Five years of prolonged field care: prehospital challenges during recent French military operations. Background French military operations in the Sahel conducted since 2013 over more than 5 million square kilometers have challenged the French Military Health Service with specific problems in prolonged field care. Methods To describe these challenges, we retrospectively analysed… Read More


What is the Number of UK Military Working Dogs that have Died during Operations?

Number of Military Working Dogs On 01 October 2018, there were 833 military working dogs in service with the British Armed Forces. Number of Military Working Dogs that have Died Between 2013 and 2018, four military working dogs have died on operations: Three died in 2013: Two were killed in action; and One died of… Read More

Is Greater Total Negative Energy Balance Associated with Declines in Lower-body Performance during Military Operations?

Research Paper Title Threshold of Energy Deficit and Lower-Body Performance Declines in Military Personnel: A Meta-Regression. Background Negative energy balance (EB) is common during military operations, diminishing body mass and physical performance. However, the magnitude of negative EB where performance would still be maintained is not well defined. The objective of the research was to… Read More

Military Medical Care Responses for the Future Multi-Domain Battlefield

Research Paper Title The new reckoning: The Combat Casualty Care Research Programme responds to real and present challenges in military operational projections. Abstract This issue of the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery features topics from the 2017 Military Health System Research Symposium and starts a second decade of partnership between the Combat Casualty… Read More

Are British Army Personnel Still In Iraq in 2018?

“As part of our support to the Iraqi government following the recent advance of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists into Iraq, the UK has sent personnel into Iraq to help out with logistics and liaison with Iraqi authorities. These are not combat troops and have not been involved in fighting, or supporting fighting, and are… Read More

What is the UK Defence Standardisation (DSTAN)?

UK Defence Standardisation (DSTAN) is responsible for the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) standardisation policies, standards, procedures and guidance on standardisation issues both nationally and internationally. DStan is part of the Director Technical organisation within Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S). What is DSTAN Responsible For? DSTAN provides performance specifications that support the delivery of military capability. Maintenance… Read More

A Defence Medical Services Perspective on Military Aid to the Civil Authorities (MACA)

Research Paper Title Military Aid to the Civil Authorities: a Defence Medical Services perspective. Abstract This paper describes the policy and principles for the provision of Military Aid to the Civil Authorities (MACA). It emphasises the importance of following the proscribed process in order to avoid possible political, legal, reputational and financial pitfalls. It outlines… Read More