What was the Canadian Expeditionary Force Command?

Introduction Canadian Expeditionary Force Command (CEFCOM, French: Commandement de la Force expéditionnaire du Canada or COMFEC) was an operational element of the Canadian Forces for operations outside of Canada, created in 2006 and merged into the Canadian Joint Operations Command in 2012. Under the CF structure, Canadian Expeditionary Forces Command (CEFCOM) was the unified command… Read More


What are Distributed Operations (US)?

Introduction Distributed Operations (DO) is a war-fighting concept drafted by the United States Marine Corps and developed primarily by their Warfighting Laboratory as a response to the changing environment of the Global War on Terror. Adaptive enemies and a more complex environment were seen as requiring conventional forces to maintain the ability to decentralise decision… Read More

What is the Military Operations Research Society?

Introduction The Military Operations Research Society (MORS) is a society for professionals active within defence applications of operations research (OR) in the United States of America (US). Memberships include analysts, researchers, consultants and officers in the US Department of Defence, organisations within the military of the United States, various think tanks, academic institutions and consultancy… Read More

What is Battle Management Language?

Introduction A Battle Management Language (BML) is the unambiguous language used to command and control forces and equipment conducting military operations and to provide for situational awareness and a shared, common operational picture. Outline It can be seen as a standard digitised representation of a commander’s intent to be used for real troops, for simulated… Read More

What are Civil-Military Operations?

Introduction Civil-military operations (CMO) are activities of a military force to minimise civil interference on and maximise civil support for military operations. Outline CMO is conducted in conjunction with combat operations during wartime and becomes a central part of a military campaign in counter-insurgencies. Some militaries have specialised units dedicated to conduct CMO, such as… Read More

What is Civil-Military Co-Operation?

Introduction Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) is the means by which a military commander connects with civilian agencies active in a theatre of operations. CIMIC activities are coordinated via the “G9” staff branch of a divisional, or other, headquarters. In high-level tri-service, or joint headquarters (JHQ), the department is termed “J9”. Abbreviations Brief History The United States… Read More

What are Effects-Based Operations?

Introduction Effects-based operations (EBO) is a United States military concept that emerged during the Persian Gulf War for the planning and conduct of operations combining military and non-military methods to achieve a particular effect. An effects-based approach to operations was first applied in modern times in the design and execution of the Desert Storm air… Read More