What was Able Archer 83?

Introduction Able Archer 83 is the codename for a command post exercise carried out in November 1983 by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). As with Able Archer exercises from previous years, the purpose of the exercise was to simulate a period of conflict escalation, culminating in the US military attaining a simulated DEFCON 1… Read More


What is Operational Allowance?

Introduction The aim of operational allowance (OA) is to recognise the significantly increased and enduring nature of the danger in Specified Operational Locations (SOL), over and above that compensated for within the X Factor. Outline Between 2016 and 2020, OA was payable to eligible Service personnel assigned to SOL’s, the geographical boundary of which may… Read More

What is a Theatre (Warfare)

Introduction In warfare, a theatre or theatre (see spelling differences) is an area in which important military events occur or are progressing. A theatre can include the entirety of the airspace, land and sea area that is or that may potentially become involved in war operations. Theatre of War In his book On War, Carl… Read More

What is a Tooth-to-Tail Ratio?

Introduction The tooth-to-tail ratio (T3R), in military jargon, is the amount of military personnel it takes to supply and support (“tail”) each combat soldier (“tooth”). While both “tooth” and “tail” soldiers may find themselves in combat or other life-threatening situations, “tooth” soldiers are those whose primary function is to engage in combat. What is It?… Read More

What is a Military Exercise/War Game?

Introduction A military exercise or war game is the employment of military resources in training for military operations, either exploring the effects of warfare or testing strategies without actual combat. This also serves the purpose of ensuring the combat readiness of garrisoned or deployable forces prior to deployment from a home base. War games involving… Read More

Can We Link Military Operations, Psychological Stress-Induced Immune Response & Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Research Paper Title Psychological Stress-Induced Immune Response and Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in Veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Background Psychological stress is a significant health problem in veterans and their family members. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stress lead to the onset, progression, and worsening of several inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases… Read More

Squaring an Operational Problem…

“The art of leading, in operations large or small, is the art of dealing with humanity, of working diligently on behalf of men, of being sympathetic with them, but equally, of insisting that they make a square facing toward their own problem.” Brigadier General S.L.A Marshall (1900 to 1977) S.L.A. “Slam” Marshall (full name, Samuel… Read More