What is Three-Dimensional (3D) Tactics Analysis?

Introduction Three-Dimensional (3D) Tactics Analysis, is a tactical analysis methodology under the concept of Terrorist Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, and is related to Rhizome Manoeuvre. The approach is applicable to urban combat, and takes into account mass gatherings of people located in highly complex urban structures, incorporating features such as multi-level buildings, open spaces between… Read More


What is the Journal of the Military Operations Research Society of Korea?

Introduction The Journal of the Military Operations Research Society of Korea is a peer-reviewed academic journal run by the Military Operations Research Society in South Korea. Outline It features both English and Korean articles in the areas of Military strategy, operations research, political economy, and case analyses. Founded in 1975, it is one of the… Read More

What is the Military Operations Research Society?

Introduction The Military Operations Research Society (MORS) is a society for professionals active within defence applications of operations research (OR) in the United States of America (US). Memberships include analysts, researchers, consultants and officers in the US Department of Defence, organisations within the military of the United States, various think tanks, academic institutions and consultancy… Read More