Simple & Easy…

“Do not confuse simple with ease. Simplicity requires effort.” Unknown From a military perspective, common doctrine, training, tactics, techniques and procedures can simplify work and, hopefully, ease the execution of operations. As defined by Microsoft: “Simplicity, when correctly applied, results in ease of use. But simplicity and ease of use are not the same concepts.… Read More


Military Gamble vs Military Wisdom

“Prejudice against innovation is a typical characteristic of an Officer Corps which has grown up in a well-tried and proven system. Thus it was that the Prussian Army was defeated by Napoleon. This attitude was also evident during this war, in German as well as British officer circles, where, with their minds fixed on complicated… Read More

Is the Enemy Playing Along with Your Plan?

“‘That will depend on the enemy, sir. They might want to get stuck in all the same, despite our plans. That’s one thing in life the army teaches you early on: the other side doesn’t always play along with the plan.’.” (Scarrow, 2015, p.279). Reference Scarrow, S. (2015) Britannia. London: Headline Publishing Group.

First Casualty: The Plan

“‘Can’t be help, Tribune. Consider this an important lesson of soldiering. The first casualty of war is the plan.’” (Scarrow, 2015, p.93). Reference Scarrow, S. (2015) Britannia. London: Headline Publishing Group.

Tactical Tricks: Training for Dash & Caution

“The high casualties suffered by my assault forces were primarily caused by their lack of training. Even in the smallest action, there are always tactical tricks which can be used to save casualties, and these must be made known to the men. It frequently happened that dash was used where caution was really needed, with,… Read More

Special Forces: The Synergy of Physical Might & Technology

“Unlike conventional field battles, where tactics are more flexible and largely dictated by the terrain and the enemy’s deployment, special forces anti-terrorist assaults are a combination of physical might and technology working in a swift syncopation, pre-planned and finely choreographed. Once initiated, they move relentlessly into the heart of the problem with precision timing, not… Read More