JSOMIt is important that fitness professionals stay abreast of new developments within the general area of health and fitness.

With this in mind, I have put together a fairly comprehensive list of academic journals that have, at one time or another, published articles which have a direct or indirect interest in military matters, military fitness, military medicine and/or outdoor fitness.

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Military Orientated Journals

  1. Academic Journal of Second Military Medical University (China)
  2. Advances in Military Technology (Czech)
  3. Armed Forces & Society (USA), Official Journal of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces & Society
  4. Army Medical Department Journal (USA)
  5. International Journal of Military Medicine (USA)
  6. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine (USA)
  7. Journal of Military Ethics (UK)
  8. Journal of Military Medicine (Iran), Affiliated with the University of Medical Sciences
  9. Journal of Military & Veteran’s Health (Australia), The Journal of the Australian Military Medicine Association
  10. Journal of Political & Military Sociology (USA)
  11. Journal of Slavic Military Studies (UK)
  12. Journal of Special Operations Medicine (USA), Journal of the US Special Operations Command
  13. Journal of the Fourth Military Medical University (China)
  14. Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps (UK)
    1. http://www.jramc.bmj.com
    2. http://www.ramcjournal.com
  15. Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service (UK)
    1. http://www.jrnms.com
  16. Military Law Review (USA)
  17. Military Medicine (USA), The Society of the Federal Health Agencies
  18. Military Operations Research (USA)
  19. Military Pharmacy & Medicine (USA)
  20. Military Psychology (UK)

Medical & Occupational Medicine Orientated Journals

  1. American Journal of Industrial Medicine (USA)
  2. British Medical Journal (UK)
  3. British Medical Journal Open (UK)
  4. Canadian Medical Association Journal (Canada)
  5. Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine (USA)
  6. Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine (UK/Italy)
  7. Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine (Australia)
  8. Emergency Medicine Journal (UK)
  9. Gait Posture (UK)
  10. High Altitude Medicine & Biology (USA)
  11. InnovAit (UK), Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners
  12. Injury Prevention (UK)
  13. Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine (Ireland)
  14. Journal of Behavioural Medicine (USA)
  15. Journal of Family Practice (USA)
  16. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (USA)
  17. Journal of Occupational Medicine & Toxicology (UK)
  18. Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (USA)
  19. Journal of Public Health Medicine (UK)
  20. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK)
  21. Medical Journal of Australia (Australia)
  22. New England Journal of Medicine (USA)
  23. Occupational Medicine (UK)
  24. Occupational & Environmental Medicine (UK)
  25. Public Health Reports (UK)
  26. Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine (USA)

Sports Medicine Orientated Journals

  1. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (USA)
  2. American Journal of Sports Medicine (USA)
  3. Asian Journal of Sports Medicine (Iran)
  4. British Journal of Sports Medicine (UK)
  5. Clinics in Sports Medicine (UK)
  6. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine (USA)
  7. Health & Fitness Journal, American College of Sports Medicine (USA)
  8. International Journal of Sports Medicine (Germany)
  9. Japanese Journal of physical Fitness & Sports Medicine (Japan)
  10. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (Sweden)
  11. Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport (Netherlands)
  12. Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness (Italy)
  13. Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness (USA)
  14. Journal of Sports Science & Medicine (Turkey)
  15. Medicine & Sports Science (Switzerland)
  16. Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine (New Zealand)
  17. Research in Sports Medicine (UK)
  18. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports (Denmark)
  19. Sports Medicine (UK)
  20. Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Review (USA)
  21. Sports Medicine Standards & Malpractice Reporter (USA)

Food & Nutrition Orientated Journals

  1. Clinical Nutrition (USA)
  2. International journal of Behavioural Nutrition & Physical Activity (UK)
  3. International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism (USA)
  4. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (USA)
  5. Nutrition Today (USA)
  6. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (USA)

Sports Psychology and Mental Health Orientated Journals

  1. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology (USA)
  2. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology (USA)
  3. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology (USA)
  4. Mental Health & Physical Activity (UK)

Fitness & Sports Orientated Journals

  1. British Journal of Sports Medicine (UK)
  2. Current Sports Medicine Reports (USA)
  3. Ergonomics (UK)
  4. European Journal of Applied Physiology (EU)
  5. Extreme Physiology and Medicine (UK)
    1. http://www.extremephysiolmed.com
  6. Fitness & Performance Journal (UK)
  7. International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition & Physical Activity (USA)
  8. International Journal of Fitness (India)
  9. International Journal of Sports Physiology & Performance (USA)
  10. Journal of Applied Biomechanics (USA)
  11. Journal of Applied Physiology (USA)
  12. Journal of Athletic Training (USA)
  13. Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies (UK)
  14. Journal of Human Sport & Exercise (Spain)
  15. Journal of Physical Activity & Health (USA)
  16. Journal of Physiology (UK)
  17. Journal of Sports Sciences (UK)
  18. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (UK)
  19. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (USA)
  20. Muscle & Nerve (USA)
  21. Physician & Sports Medicine (USA)
  22. Research Quarterly for Exercise & Sport (USA)
  23. Strength & Conditioning Journal (USA)

Rehabilitation Orientated Journals

  1. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation

Science Orientated Journals

  1. Environmental Science & Technology (UK)

Law Orientated Journals

  1. American Journal of Law & Medicine (USA)
  2. Journal of Forensic & Legal Medicine (UK)
  3. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (UK)
  4. Journal of Legal Medicine (USA)
  5. Legal Medicine (Netherlands)
  6. Medicine, Science & the Law (UK)

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