Last Updated: 03 June ,2015

Suitable For

Personnel involved in the management and delivery of the DIT module in franchised units from all three services. Applicants must be SNCO or above. In addition, applicants must be DIT trained or hold an equivalent qualification and have at least 6 months instructional experience. Proof of this is required at time of application.

Army, and affiliated, personnel should view the Army Instructor Capability programme.

This is now a legacy qualification, the reader is directed to The Defence Trainer Capability and the Army Instructor Capability pages for up to date information on the new range of courses.

Course Aim

This course is designed to give qualified instructors the skills to deliver the Defence Instructional Techniques Course (2002) under franchised delivery. Applications for personnel from non-franchised units will be rejected.

Course Essentials

Entry Requirements

Applications should be made to DCTS Course Booking Cell. Courses are loaded 8 weeks prior to their start date. Applications received after the cut-off date are automatically placed on a reserve list. Proof of DIT or other qualification is to be attached to the application. All RN personnel are to apply via the RN Course Booking Cell at HMS Collingwood.

  • College: Defence Academy
  • Category: Professional Development
  • Duration Details: 5 days.
  • Location: RAF Halton
  • Delivery Method: Classroom
  • Course Contact Details: Tel: 01296 656376 and Mil: 95237 6376

Course Components

Students will deliver content, monitor instruction and provide feedback to Defence Instructional Techniques (DIT) Course students.  The DIT(T) students then receive feedback and tutoring on their performance monitoring by experienced DCTS staff.


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