1.0 Introduction

This article provides an overview of Naval Service careers in the Irish Defence Forces (IDF).

2.0 Hierarchy of the Irish Defence Forces

An overview of the IDF can be found here.

3.0 Methods of Entry

There are a number of specialist roles within the IDF, including:

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4.0 Direct Entry Medical Officer

A medical officer practices medicine within the IDF both at home and overseas.

Medical practice focuses on health protection and education, primary care and environmental medicine.

The role comes with physical and mental challenges that may not be encountered in a civilian environment.

5.0 Direct Entry Dental Officer

A dental officer practices dentistry within the IDF at home.

Dentists play an important role as, on active duty, military personnel simply cannot afford to be disarmed by dental problems.

6.0 Naval Service Engineer Officer

Electrical/Electronic Engineer Officers are commissioned members of the Naval Service, and are an integral part of the support structure for the operation of the Naval Service.

They carry out a variety of duties at sea and onshore, were they ensure that the electrical and electronic systems for naval vessels are fully operational at all times.

7.0 Army Engineering Officer

Engineer officers are commissioned members of the Army Corp of Engineers, a Combat Support Corp.

The primary role of the Corp of Engineers is to help the Army live, move and fight while denying the same to the enemy. This involves a variety of tasks including:

  • Camp building and life support;
  • Mine clearance operations;
  • Route clearance; and
  • Installation maintenance and construction.

8.0 Instrumentalists

Military Instrumentalists provide musical support for all aspects of military life, including:

  • Ceremonial parades;
  • Graduations; and
  • Ship ceremonies.

They also perform at government functions and public performances, both at home and overseas.