Seemingly Incompetent but Useful…

“‘He’ll never make a good soldier’ should not be heard from the confident leader. Seemingly incompetent men should be a challenge to one’s ability. They should be studied more closely and the best method of handling them discovered. In every man there is much that may be made useful for military purposes.” “Discipline and Personality,”… Read More


On This Day … 07 July

Events 1124 – The city of Tyre falls to the Venetian Crusade after a siege of nineteen weeks. 1456 – A retrial verdict acquits Joan of Arc of heresy 25 years after her death. 1520 – Spanish conquistadores defeat a larger Aztec army at the Battle of Otumba. 1534 – Jacques Cartier makes his first… Read More

Does Standardised Exercise Programming Reduce Military Trainee MSKI Rates?

Research Paper Title Musculoskeletal Injuries and United States Army Readiness. Part II: Management Challenges and Risk Mitigation Initiatives. Background Noncombat injuries (“injuries”) threaten soldier health and United States Army medical readiness, accounting for more than twice as many outpatient medical encounters among active component (AC) soldiers as behavioural health conditions (the second leading cause of… Read More

Answer Affirmatively…

“Are you a good leader? Are you worthy to lead men? Have you considered what war may require of you? Have you confidence in your men? Have your men faith in you?–are some of the questions you must ask yourselves, and until you can answer them in the affirmative you cannot claim to be a… Read More

On This Day … 06 July

Events 371 BC – The Battle of Leuctra shatters Sparta’s reputation of military invincibility. 640 – Battle of Heliopolis: The Muslim Arab army under ‘Amr ibn al-‘As defeat the Byzantine forces near Heliopolis (Egypt). 1411 – Ming China’s Admiral Zheng He returns to Nanjing after the third treasure voyage and presents the Sinhalese king, captured… Read More

Is Depression in Military Officers associated with Lack of Support from Superiors?

Research Paper Title Support From Superiors Reduces Depression in Republic of Korea Military Officers. Background The prevalence of depression is relatively high in the Korean military. Social support is a protective factor against depression and is classified into four categories: emotional support-having the sense of feeling loved; instrumental support-receiving material assistance; informational support-receiving advice; appraisal… Read More

On This Day … 05 July

Events 1316 – The Burgundian and Majorcan claimants of the Principality of Achaea meet in the Battle of Manolada. 1594 – Portuguese forces under the command of Pedro Lopes de Sousa begin an unsuccessful invasion of the Kingdom of Kandy during the Campaign of Danture in Sri Lanka. 1610 – John Guy sets sail from… Read More