What is the Role of a Duty Holder?

A Duty Holder (DH) provides specific focus on safety and environmental protection management. DHs have a personal duty of care for personnel under their command or management, for those who, by virtue of their temporary involvement in activities, come within a DH’s area of responsibility (AOR) and for the public who may be affected by their activities. DHs are accountable… Read More


What is Collective Training?

Collective Training (CT) is the name given to the British Army’s standard of training. It comprises various levels including: CT1 – Platoon; CT2 – Company; CT3 – Battlegroup; and CT4 – Battlegroup in a Brigade context. Prior to collective training, soldiers will have undertaken individual training.

Function of the Navy…

“It is a function of the navy to carry the war to the enemy so that it will not be fought on U.S. soil.” Chester Nimitz (1885 to 1966) Chester William Nimitz was an Admiral in the US Navy. He was the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet during World War II. One of the… Read More

10 Military Words & Phrases from World War One

The slang used by men in the First World War became popular and fashionable in wartime Britain, with a number of words and phrases remaining in the English language. Prior to the Great War, slang had mostly remained within the army but, during the war, it transferred from soldiers to civilians. Table 1: 10 Military… Read More

What is the Directorate Personnel?

The Directorate Personnel (DPers) is responsible for the employment, development and sustainability of British Army personnel, including regulars, reservists, contractors and civil servants. It is commanded by the Director Personnel, a Major General (2* or OF-7).

What is the Directorate of Personnel Capability?

The Directorate of Personnel Capability (DPers Cap) is responsible for developing British Army personnel strategy and engaging with Defence and the other services to shape and influence strategic personnel direction in order to sustain and enhance the operational effectiveness of the Army. DPers Cap is commanded by DPers, who holds the rank of Major General… Read More