Can Biomarker Monitoring Augment Positive Adaptation & Reduce Injuries from Stressors incurred during Football?

Research Paper Title Monitoring Blood Biomarkers and Training Load Throughout a Collegiate Soccer Season. Background This observational study aimed to characterise the responses of a comprehensive panel of biomarkers, observed ranges, training load (TL) metrics, and performance throughout the collegiate soccer (aka football) season (August-November). Methods Biomarkers (n = 92) were collected before the start… Read More


Mental Equilibrium…

“Attacking does not merely consist in assaulting walled cities or striking at an army in battle array; it must include the art of assailing the enemy’s mental equilibrium.” Li Jing (571-649 C.E), sometimes presented as Li Ching, was posthumously known as Duke Jingwu of Wei. He was a Chinese general who lived in the early… Read More

What is the Number of Commonwealth Personnel the Royal Navy/Royal Marines have Recruited between 2003 & 2017?

The number of personnel the Naval Service (Royal Navy and Royal Marines) has recruited from the Commonwealth from 2003 to 2017 is: 2003/2004: 16. 2004/2005: 4. 2005/2006: 8. 2006/2007: 11. 2007/2008: 91. 2008/2009: 161. 2009/2010: 111. 2010/2011: 71. 2011/2012: 46. 2012/2013: 67. 2013/2014: 47 2014/2015: 28. 2015/2016: 11. 2016/2017: 14. 2017/2018: 19. Total: 705. Reference… Read More

What is the Minimum Weight to Join the Royal Marines?

Prior to 01 April 2011 the minimum weight standard for the Royal Marines attending the Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC) was 60 kilogrammes (kg), after this date it was raised to 65 kg. The minimum weight of 65 kg upon entry is regardless of height, which continues to be 1.51cm. However, individuals still need to… Read More

Studying THAM Administration to Paediatric Trauma Patients in a Combat Zone

Research Paper Title THAM Administration to Paediatric Trauma Patients in a Combat Zone. Background Paediatric casualties made up a significant proportion of patients during the recent military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Damage control resuscitation strategies used by military physicians included rapid reversal of metabolic acidosis to mitigate its pathophysiologic consequences, primarily through haemorrhage control… Read More

Manoeuvre Warfare: Destruction vs Irrelevance…

“In maneuver warfare, we attempt not to destroy the entire enemy force but to render most of it irrelevant.” Robert R. Leonhard (1870 to 1924) Lieutenant Colonel Robert R. Leonhard, Ph.D. is a retired US Army officer and is a research analyst at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. He is the author of… Read More

Combat: Algorithms vs Humans

“The generals know they are entering an era in which algorithms will determine success on the battlefield, and humans may be unable to keep up with the pace of combat.” (The Economist, 2018, p.76-77). Reference The Economist (2018) The Future of Warfare: Once Were Warriors. The Economist. 28 April 2018.