What is the Economic Cost of Overlooking Ex-Military Personnel & their Skills?

New research has revealed that the UK economy could suffer losses of up to £1.5 billion in the next five years if service leavers are unable to find employment, or are under employed upon leaving the Armed Forces. The research calculates the direct and indirect contribution of the up to 85,000 personnel that are estimated… Read More


News: How Long is a Piece of String? 8 Interviews Apparently!

“Unless you have vast disposable wealth and a Roman Abramovich-like fascination for superyachts, a house is probably the largest investment you’ll ever make. And yet most of us pledge a sum several times our annual salary on a new property with less due dilligence than we employ on a new phone. A couple of carefully… Read More

Hiring? Leave Your Libido Out Of It

If you thought your recruitment decisions were the height of rationality, you might need to think again.  US academics say they can prove managers are more likely to hire people they would like to be with, rather than those with the best credentials. In a study of recruiters at blue chips, including investmetn banks, researchers… Read More