Hiring? Leave Your Libido Out Of It

5205If you thought your recruitment decisions were the height of rationality, you might need to think again.  US academics say they can prove managers are more likely to hire people they would like to be with, rather than those with the best credentials.

In a study of recruiters at blue chips, including investmetn banks, researchers from Kellogg Univeristy found similarity of background, quality of “self-presentation” and a mutual “spark” were ranked ahead of more rational criteria, which could cause you to reassess your relationship with the boss.

“Employers hire in a manner closely resembling the choice of friends or romantic partners”, reports Kellogg management professor Lauren Rivera.

Source: People Management, March 2013, pp.7.

Original Source: Rivera, L.A. (2012) Hiring as Cultural Matching: The Case of Elite Professional Firms. American Sociological Review. 77(6), pp.999-1022.


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