Pharmacy Technician: Recruitment & Selection Statistics (2013-2015)

What is the number of candidates who became a Pharmacy Technician within the British armed forces between 2013 and 2015? Table 1: Pharmacy technician recruitment and selection stats for 2013 to 2015 Year No. & Type of Candidates Successful at Selection Board Commenced Training 2013 11 Candidates (all in-service transfers) 5 Candidates (45%) 4 Candidates… Read More


The Assessment Process & The Illusion of Validity

When assessing candidates for their potential to be officers in the Israeli Defence Forces, Daniel Kahneman (2011) coined the phrase ‘the illusion of validity’, which he states was his first cognitive fallacy. Daniel states: “I coined the term “illusion of validity” because the confidence we had in judgments about individual soldiers was not affected by… Read More

Values & Attitudes of Swedish Conscripts

Research Paper Title A Principal Component Analysis of Swedish Conscripts’ Values and Attitudes towards their Military Education. Abstract By identifying components relevant to conscripts’ success in and positive attitudes towards the military, we may be able to make it a more attractive employment option for current and future age-cohorts, thus solving the recruitment crisis not… Read More

Joining the Military & Your Future Job: Assigned or Chosen?

Having browsed a number of military and military-related forums regarding recruitment and selection, I noticed the same (two-part) question popping up: Do they assign you a role, or do you choose the role yourself? If you apply as an officer but don’t succeed (e.g. insufficient leadership skills) do they encourage you to apply again as… Read More

British Army Recruitment & Temperamental Unsuitability

Research Paper Title Issues In Temperamental Unsuitability Re-Examining Concepts And Current Practice In The British Army. Abstract Currently, in the UK military, and particularly in the Army, a significant number of personnel are regularly discharged on the grounds of being assessed as “Temperamentally Unsuitable (TU) for military duties”, under Queen’s Regulations (QRs): (Army) 9.414 and 9.434 (1). In the last two years (2001-2003), preliminary… Read More

New Webpage: Gurkha Recruitment & Selection Overview

I have just uploaded a new webpage ‘Gurkha Recruitment & Selection Overview‘ within the UK pages of the military training section. This page contains: Brief history of the Gurkhas; Commissioned officer roles; Application and general eligibility criteria; Village visits; Regional selection; Central selection; and Useful links, documents and references.

Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection (from 2001)

Research Paper Title The Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection: A Series of Questions? Abstract From work funded by the UKs Ministry of Defence (MOD), Corporate Research Programme, the researchers have reached the stage of examining the Internet as a means of selection for the Armed Forces. Previous work has looked at computer-based testing, adaptive testing and… Read More