What Should I Say at an Interview If I Failed My Probation at My Last Job?

Talking about failing a probation period can be difficult and embarrassing, depending on the reason you failed, for example did not like the job versus could not do the job. You will need to be honest, as the employer may state that employment is subject to references, and it is important to note: Be aware… Read More


When an Employee on Probation is Experiencing Difficulties

If the employee is experiencing problems at any stage during their probation period the employer should discuss these with the employee, and not wait until the next scheduled review meeting. The primary purpose of ongoing assessment is to facilitate a sustained improvement in performance of the employee and to ensure that they have had sufficient… Read More

If I Fail My Probation Can I Be Dismissed Without Any Chance to Fight It?

Barring certain exceptions, yes. In order to claim unfair dismissal in terms of performance, an employee must have worked for a certain period of time: Before 06 April 2012: One year. On or after 06 April 2012: Two years. It is only then that an employee is entitled to their main/ordinary unfair dismissal rights. However,… Read More

How Long Should a Probation Period Last?

“While a probationary period of less than three months probably won’t give an employer enough time to assess whether a new employee is a good fit for the business, anything longer than six months might put an unfair amount of pressure on the employee.” (Last, 2016). Although there is no legislation determining the length of… Read More

Can I Be Dismissed for Poor Performance Before the End of My Probation Period?

The simple answer is yes. However, whether an employee can be dismissed for poor performance prior to the end of their probation period will largely depend on what is contained in the contract of employment and any associated documents, for example: If an employer does not stipulate a probation period they would be expected to… Read More

Do Probation Periods Works?

“In almost all cases we find large jumps in the predicted probability of a work absence after probation periods are completed.” (Riphahn & Thalmaier, 1999, p.12). Research by Loh in 1994, using data on US hires, provides evidence that supports the hypothesis that a probation period induces self-selection by workers. Loh (1994) argued that individuals… Read More

Probation: Pregnant Employees and Poor Performance

An employee has no absolute right to be confirmed in post just because she is pregnant if her work performance is not of a satisfactory standard and the reason for this is wholly unconnected to her pregnancy. If the employer wished to dismiss the employee due to ongoing poor work performance, it would need to… Read More