An Overview the War Office Selection Boards

Introduction War Office Selection Boards, or WOSBs, (pronounced Wosbees) were a scheme devised by British Army psychiatrists during World War II to select potential officers for the British Army. They replaced an earlier method, the Command Interview Board, and were the precursors to today’s Army Officer Selection Boards. The WOSBs were also later adapted to… Read More


Recruitment & Selection: AI, CV’s & Bias

In 2016, Goldman Sachs received approximately 250,000 job applications from students and graduates. That means not only tough competition for the applicants, but a headache for the Goldman Sachs human resources (HR) team. For example, if a team of five HR staff worked 12 hours everyday, including weekends, and spent five minutes on every application,… Read More

What are the RAF Colour Perception Standards by Officer Branch?

The Royal Air Force (RAF) colour perception standards for commissioned officer roles are contained within the RAF Recruiting and Selection Branch Selection Sheets. These are summarised in Table 1. Table 1: RAF Colour Perception Standards by Officer Branch Colour Perception Standard RAF Officer Branch 1 Aerospace Battle Manager. Air Traffic Controller Officer. Engineer (CE &… Read More

What is the British Army’s REME Artificer Selection & Training Process?

What are the Types of Artificer? Within the British Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), there are currently five types of artificer: Artificer Aircraft. Artificer Avionics. Artificer Electronics. Artificer Vehicles. Artificer Weapons. How Are Potential Artificers Identified? Potential artificers are initially identified through the Potential Artificer Assessment Board (PAAB). Although the PAAB does not… Read More

What is the Number of Royal Marines IS Specialists Applying for Foreman of Signals?

Over the period 01 April 2009 to 31 March 2016, there were a total of 21 Royal Marines personnel who attended the selection board for Foreman of Signals training. Of these, 12 were selected for training, with 8 passing the course first time, and 4 passing on their second attempt. Reference FOI 2017/02830 dated 22… Read More

What is the Air Engineering Professional Command Selection Board?

What is the Air Engineering (AE) Professional Command Selection Board (PCSB)? The PCSB (AE) selects a pool of Air Engineer Officers (AEOs) for Air Engineering Professional Command (AEPC) assignments (previously referred to as ‘Charge’ jobs). Career Management versus Promotion Requirement Whilst assignment to the AEPC stream is a career management process rather than a promotion issue… Read More