What was Operation Market Garden?

Introduction Operation Market Garden was a failed World War II military operation fought in the Netherlands from 17 to 25 September 1944. It was the brainchild of Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery and strongly supported by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. The airborne part of the operation was undertaken by the First Allied Airborne… Read More


What is the Battle of Britain Day?

Battle of Britain Day is the name given to the large-scale aerial battle that took place on 15 September 1940, during the Battle of Britain. In June 1940, the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces) had conquered most of Western Europe and Scandinavia. At that time, the only major power standing in the way of a German-dominated… Read More

What is National POW/MIA Recognition Day?

Introduction In the United States, National Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Recognition Day is observed on the third Friday in September. It honours those who were POWs and those who are still MIA. It is most associated with those who were POWs during the Vietnam War. National Vietnam War Veterans Day is 29 March,… Read More

What is a Blockbuster?

Introduction A blockbuster is a work of entertainment – typically used to describe a feature film, but also other media – that is highly popular and financially successful. The term has also come to refer to any large-budget production intended for ‘blockbuster’ status, aimed at mass markets with associated merchandising, sometimes on a scale that… Read More

The Vulnerable Half Million…

“…during the war over half a million women fought in the Soviet armed forces. However, rather than improving the status of women, this left them more vulnerable to mistreatment. It has come to light from recently opened Soviet records and the confessions of Red Army veterans that female soldiers were routinely sexually abused, especially by… Read More

Execute the POW’s…

“Stalin’s treatment of returning Soviet POWs In spite of his personal triumph, Stalin was, if anything, more paranoid at the end of the war than at the beginning. His suspicions of real or imagined enemies had grown, not weakened. The tragedy was that he was helped in this by the Western Allies. At the Yalta… Read More