What is the RAF Intermediate Officer Development Programme?

Introduction The Royal Air Force’s (RAFs) Intermediate Officer Development (IOD) Programme consists of five stages: These stages of the IOD programme are outlined below. Location and Delivery The IOD Programme is delivered by the Joint Services Command and Staff College, part of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, located in Shrivenham. Who is the… Read More


What is the Cost of Training RAF Pilots?

Introduction Below is an outline of the costs of training Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots in the UK Military Flying Training Service (UKMFTS). Outline The total cost of flying training for RAF pilots (which includes costs of the UKMFTS contract, and pay and support costs), prior to starting training on an operational aircraft, per trainee,… Read More

Where is the Longest RAF Runway?

RAF Brize Norton has the longest runway at 3,050 metres. RAF Cranwell has the most runways, with: Two hard surface runways; and Two grass strips. MOD Boscombe Down, which is a Tri-Service establishment, has: Three hard surface runways; Two grass strips; and The longest runway at 3,233 metres. Reference FOI 2017/6127 dated 12 July 2017.

What was the Royal Air Force Mutiny of 1946?

Introduction The Royal Air Force Mutiny of 1946 was a series of demonstrations and strikes at several dozen Royal Air Force stations in the Indian Subcontinent in January 1946. Background As these incidents involved refusals to obey orders they technically constituted a form of “mutiny”. The protests arose from slow demobilisation and poor conditions of… Read More

What is The Squadronaires?

Introduction The Squadronaires is a Royal Air Force band which began and performed in Britain during and after World War II. The official title of the band was ‘The Royal Air Force Dance Orchestra’, but it was always known by the more popular title “The Squadronaires”. Refer to RAF Music Services. Brief History In 1939,… Read More

What is the Band of the Royal Air Force College?

Introduction The Band of the Royal Air Force (RAF) College is based at RAF Cranwell and is one of three established bands in the Royal Air Force. It is the music ensemble of the Royal Air Force College Cranwell. Background Formed in 1920 and based at RAF Cranwell, the Band of the Royal Air Force… Read More