What is the Engineer Basic Officer Leader Course?

Introduction The Engineer Basic Officer Leader Course (EBOLC), formerly known as the Engineer Officer Basic Course (EOBC), is a training course for new commissioned officers selected for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Outline It is run at the US Army Engineer School in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States and lasts nineteen weeks… Read More


Successful Leader…

“To me, a successful leader is a man who gets people to do something that they may not want to do and gets them to do it willingly, enthusiastically, efficiently, and when he wants it done.” Louis W. Prentiss (1899 to 1976) Louis Watkins Prentiss was a US Army engineering officer. He retired in 1956… Read More

Inner Qualities…

“Neither bars nor stars make an officer. An individual becomes an officer only when he develops those inner qualities of honesty, self–sacrifice, and attention to duty that are always inherent to real leadership.” General Samuel D. Sturgis, Jr (1897 to 1964) Samuel Davis Sturgis Junior was an American Army officer, retiring as a Lieutenant General.… Read More