How to Create a Military Video Training Session Using a Video Editing Tool

Introduction Video training sessions have become an essential tool in military training programmes. They provide an immersive and interactive learning experience that can be easily replicated and distributed to trainees. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of creating a military video training session using a free online video editor tool.… Read More


What are the Pass Rates and Cost to Train for the UK’s Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment?

Introduction This article briefly outlines the pass rates and cost of training personnel in the UK Armed Forces Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment (known as Elite Forces in the UK vernacular, Special Forces include the SAS/SBS). This article outlines: You can learn more about Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment training @ Notes and caveats on… Read More

A Brief Overview of British Army Officer Selection and Training

Introduction This article provides a brief outline of the British Army’s officer selection and training process, as at November 2022. Initial Interest and Local Recruitment Centre Army Officer recruitment is undertaken in partnership with Capita. Once an Individual has registered their initial interest, Officer selection begins with a formal interview at a local recruitment centre.… Read More

All Four Major RN Naval Training Establishments now have Female Commanding Officers

History has been made as all four of the Royal Navy’s major training establishments are under the command of women for the first time ever. Captain Johanna ‘Jo’ Deakin has assumed command of HMS Sultan in Gosport, the home of Royal Navy Marine and Air Engineering, and becomes the establishment’s first female Commanding Officer. The… Read More

What is the Pre-Royal Military Academy Sandhurst – Phase A and B?

Introduction Pre-Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Phase A (Pre-RMAS Phase A) prepares international students for the challenges they will face as officer cadets at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Pre-RMAS Phase B is a mandatory course for all international cadets entering the Regular Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Location and Delivery Phase A and… Read More

What is the UK Defence Commanding Officer’s of Training Establishments Course?

Introduction Delivered by the Defence Centre for Training Support (DCTS), this course is for commanding officers (COs) of training establishments typically from OF-4 to OF-6 level (Lieutenant Colonel to Brigadier). Location and Delivery Delivered by the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, located in Shrivenham. Duration 2 days. What You Will Learn? You will learn:… Read More

A Brief Outline of Discharge As Of Right (UK)

Outline All British Army entrants under the age of 18 are permitted to Discharge As Of Right (DAOR) after 28 days having given 14 days’ notice, up until their 18th birthday. After completing the first six months of Service, the individual will leave directly after the 14 days’ notice period. From six months until their… Read More