An Overview of (US) Military Training (2000)

Research Paper Title An Overview of Military Training. Abstract Military training means definite but very different things to different people: To the commander of a military unit, it means exercising troops in the field or sailors at sea so that they operate as an integrated, coordinated unit. To military personnel managers, it means preparing and certifying individuals across… Read More


What is the Training Pipeline for a Royal Navy Logistics Officer?

The training pipeline of a Royal Navy (RN) Logistics Officer is: 29 weeks of Initial Officer Training delivered at the Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC). 9 weeks shore-based training delivered at the Defence Maritime Logistics School (DMLS). 16 weeks specialist training on a sea-going platform. 8 weeks at DMLS before joining the trained strength. RN… Read More

What is the British Army’s REME Artificer Selection & Training Process?

What are the Types of Artificer? Within the British Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), there are currently five types of artificer: Artificer Aircraft. Artificer Avionics. Artificer Electronics. Artificer Vehicles. Artificer Weapons. How Are Potential Artificers Identified? Potential artificers are initially identified through the Potential Artificer Assessment Board (PAAB). Although the PAAB does not… Read More

US Army Military Police Training & Injury Incidence

Research Paper Title A prospective investigation of injury incidence and injury risk factors among army recruits in military police training. Background United States Army military police (MP) training is a 19-week course designed to introduce new recruits to basic soldiering skills, Army values and lifestyle, and law enforcement skills and knowledge. The present investigation examined… Read More

Select Royal Navy Petty Officer Training Courses by Training Days & Qualification

Below is an outline of the total course length (training days) and main qualification gained for select Royal Navy Petty Officer courses. Weapon Engineering Petty Officer Engineering Qualifying Course WE POET(QC) calculated in days: POET(WE) – 285 Training Days. POET(CIS) – 105 Training Days. Marine Engineering Petty Officer Engineering Qualifying Course ME POET(QC) calculated in… Read More

What is the Average Cost of Basic Training for Soldiers & Officers in the British Army?

The average cost of successful trainees in the training year 2014/2015 was: £116,000 per officer; and £37,000 per soldier. These figures are derived from a wide range of Phase One training courses and locations, which include the cost of: Pay, including permanent staff and trainees; Infrastructure costs such as utilities; and Non-cash items such as depreciation.… Read More

British Army Mortars Course

After completing their combined Phase 1 (basic) training and Phase (employment) training, known as the Combat Infantryman Course (CIC), newly qualified soldiers may attend the 4-week Mortars Course. The course has a number of challenging objectives that cover all aspects of mortaring, including: Exercises operating in offensive and defensive environments; and Exercises operating in rural… Read More