What was the Second Anglo-Maratha War?

Introduction The Second Anglo-Maratha War (1802–1805) was the second conflict between the British East India Company and the Maratha Empire in India. Background The British had supported the “fugitive” Peshwa Raghunathrao in the First Anglo-Maratha War, continued with his “fugitive” son, Baji Rao II. Though not as martial in his courage as his father, the… Read More


What was the Fashoda Incident?

Introduction The Fashoda Incident was the climax of imperial territorial disputes between Britain and France in East Africa, occurring in 1898. A French expedition to Fashoda on the White Nile river sought to gain control of the Upper Nile river basin and thereby exclude Britain from the Sudan. The French party and a British-Egyptian force… Read More

Maximising the Health of the Military Population from Recruitment through to Life as a Veteran

Research Paper Title Fit to fight – from military hygiene to wellbeing in the British Army. Background This paper reviews the historical evolution of the language and organisation surrounding the health of personnel in the British Army from ‘hygiene’ through to ‘wellbeing’. It starts by considering the health of the army in the mid-nineteenth century… Read More

What is Defenders Day?

Introduction Defenders Day is a longtime legal holiday on 12 September in the US state of Maryland, in the City of Baltimore and surrounding Baltimore County. It commemorates the successful defence of the city of Baltimore on 12 to 14 September 1814 from an invading British force during the War of 1812, an event which… Read More

Adventurers Wanted for Adventurous Army Jobs

The Adventurous Training Group (Army) is seeking personnel to serve as temporary employed elsewhere (TEE) staff (previously incremental staff) at various locations on detached duty. There is a requirement for instructors, stores staff, drivers, and other general duties staff. Previous AT qualifications or experience are valuable but not essential. Candidates must be physically fit –… Read More

Soldiers and Celebs in Podcast on Confidence & Mental Resilience

Love Island host Laura Whitmore is among three celebrities to feature alongside serving soldiers in an Army podcast exploring confidence and mental resilience. The launch followed research that showed 89% of so-called Generation Zers believe self-confidence is important to achieving success in life, but 80% think it is hard to find in today’s society. In… Read More

British Army’s Op Smart Team & Mental Wellbeing

Officers and soldiers have been urged to keep a close eye on each other’s mental wellbeing in a move to spot any problems early on – and provide help if needed. The Army has stressed that preventing issues from snowballing is a priority while emphasising that nobody should be afraid to ask for assistance. The… Read More