Can Off-Duty Reservists Use Regular Army Base Facilities?

Scenario An Army Reservist works across the road from a very large Regular Army base, which has a NAAFI and dining facility. Can the Reservist enter the base using their MOD 90 (identification card) and eat there while not on duty? MOD 90 An MOD 90 is issued to the individual as a member of… Read More


Foreign Language Skill Maintenance Courses for Military Personnel

The British Army is offering foreign language skill maintenance courses for personnel. Courses are available to those with foreign language GCSE A-C/SLP 2222 or equivalent experience, who wish to advance their skill. Courses are delivered at Army Education Centres (AEC’s). Courses are available for the following languages: Arabic; Farsi; French; German; Hindi; Italian; Russian; and… Read More

Are the Gurkhas Part of NATO?

As outlined by Major Shane Burton (RGR), Chief of Staff at the Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas: “The Brigade of Gurkhas is an integral part of the British Army and as such these troops are indeed part of Nato. Gurkha units have been deployed as part of British Armed Forces supporting numerous Nato operations including Bosnia,… Read More

Another British Army Female First

In July 2018, the British Army appointed its first female Provost Marshal. Brigadier Vivienne Buck will be the head of provost services including the Royal Military Police (RMP), Military Provost Staff (MPS), the Army’s custodial experts, and the Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS). Her appointment to this position was announced in August 2018 (Twitter, 2018).… Read More

Pay Hike for New British Army Soldiers

The starting salary for soldiers fresh out of Phase 2 (employment) training is rising to £20,000, a rise of about £1,140. Approximately 4,000 junior soldiers are set to benefit from the 6% pay rise. Other personnel, up to Brigadier (OF-6), will receive a 2.9% increase and compensatory allowances have also received a 2.9% rise, including:… Read More

What is the Attack Helicopter Display Team (AHDT)?

1.0    Introduction This article provides an overview of the British Army’s Attack Helicopter Display Team (AHDT). 2.0    What is the Purpose of the AHDT? The AHDT displays (almost) every year throughout the season at a number of national air shows using commentary and pyrotechnics to give the general public a flavour of what it is… Read More

What are the Duties of a Platoon Sergeant in Defence?

What is a Platoon Sergeant? In many militaries, a platoon sergeant is the senior enlisted member of a platoon, who advises and supports the platoon’s commanding officer in leading the unit. Outline of Duties in Defence (i.e. in the field) There are three steps to the duties of a Platoon Sergeant in defence: Preparation: Know… Read More