What is the Battery Commander (GBAD) Course?

Aim of the Course To develop the skills and knowledge of selected officers in order to train them to train them to perform the tasks of a Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) Battery Commander (BC). Facilitated by IDT(A). Entry Standards Lieutenant (OF-1). IELTS Level 5.5. Duration Two (2) weeks, with one course per year. Location… Read More


What is a Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB)?

Introduction Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFABs) (pronounced: S Fab) are specialised United States (US) Army units formed to train, advise, assist, enable and accompany operations with allied and partner nations. SFAB’s are intended to reduce the burden of such operations on conventionally-organised Brigade Combat Teams (BCT’s), allowing BCT’s to focus on fighting near-peer threats. Designed… Read More

Payment for Indirectly Supervised Physical Training Sessions

Question Will Reservists continue to be paid for indirectly supervised physical training sessions they conduct in their own time after the Covid-19 crisis is over? This proposal was discussed and shot down before the pandemic but has become a reality in the current climate. I’m also interested in whether or not the MoD would pay… Read More

First UK Female to Lead at Two-Star Level

Introduction A senior Servicewoman has made Army history by becoming the first female to lead at two-star level (OF-7). Background Major General Sharon Nesmith has taken over as general officer commanding the Army Recruiting and Initial Training Command (ARITC) replacing Major General Chris Bell. The role will see her manage a workforce of some 6,000… Read More

UK Ceases Commitment to EUFOR

THE British military commitment to the European Union-led deployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been wound up in the wake of Brexit. A flag lowering ceremony at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo marked the end of the UK’s contribution to Operation Althea – and 16 years of being part of EUFOR (the European Union Force Bosnia and… Read More

What is the Council of Corporals?

Background In line with the Commander Field Army’s (CFA’s) empowerment agenda Regiment’s have created the Commanding Officer’s (CO’s) Council of Corporals. These junior non-commissioned officers (JNCO’s) will act as ‘Senior Corporals’ representing the best of class in the following categories: Driver; Supplier; Communications specialist; REME; Mariner; Port Operator; Chef; Leadership; Personal and professional development (PPD);… Read More

What is the RLC’s Basic Photography Training Programme?

Introduction The Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) launched a new ‘Basic Photography Training’ programme in August 2020. Background Run by a Warrant Officer Class (WO2 (SQMS)) of the Video Production Team (VPT), the training intends to give an insight into basic-level photography, providing regular and reserve RLC personnel with the opportunity to learn how to use… Read More