What is Reduction In Rank

Introduction Reduction in rank may refer to three separate concepts: Brief History Reduction in rank (Latin gradus deiectio meaning position degradation) was a Roman military punishment. United States In the United States, courts-martial may adjudge reduction to any enlisted member to the lowest or any intermediate pay grade. However, a summary court-martial may not sentence… Read More


Should the British Army Adopt Gender-Neutral Naming Conventions for its Ranks?

Calls have been made for the Army to review its ranking system, following on from steps both the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Navy (RN) have made towards more inclusive language in recent years. Some army ranks/roles have no female or gender-neutral alternative, such as Guardsman, Kingsman and Craftsman. Last year, the RAF dropped… Read More

What is a Staff Corporal?

Introduction Staff corporal (SCpl or S/Cpl) is the equivalent rank to staff sergeant in the Household Cavalry, ranking between corporal of horse and warrant officer class 2 (WO2). Outline They may hold an appointment such as squadron quartermaster corporal. A staff corporal wears four point-up rank chevrons on his cuff, surmounted by a crown. Staff… Read More

What is a Corporal of Horse?

Introduction Corporal of horse (CoH) is a rank in the British Army’s Household Cavalry corresponding to sergeant in other regiments. Background Formerly, no cavalry regiments had sergeants, but the Household Cavalry are the only ones to keep this tradition alive. It is said to stem from the origin of the word sergeant, which comes from… Read More

What is a Master Corporal?

Introduction Master corporal (MCpl) (French: caporal-chef) is a military rank used by a number of countries including the Canadian Armed Forces. Canada Background In the Canadian Armed Forces the rank of master corporal is an appointment of the rank of Corporal in the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force, however in the Royal Canadian… Read More

What is a Corporal of the Field?

Introduction Corporal of the field is a former military rank. Refer to Corporal and Korporal. Background The rank is mentioned in William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost and Ben Jonson’s The New Inn. The rank was formerly of an officer in one source equivalent to a “captain of horse” or a brigade major or aide-de-camp. A… Read More

What is a Corporal First Class?

Introduction Corporal first class is a military rank in use by many militaries and is usually a non-commissioned officer. Refer to Corporal and Korporal. Singapore Corporal first class (CFC) is the highest enlistee rank in the Singapore Armed Forces, ranking above corporal. This honourable rank is conferred on proficient and competent corporals by recommendation to… Read More