What is a Senior Enlisted Advisor?

Introduction A Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA) in the United States Armed Forces is the most senior enlisted service member in a unit, and acts as an advisor to the commanding officer/general (CO/CG). Formally, E-9 billets for the senior enlisted advisor are established at Service unit (e.g. battalion, wing, or higher), command, major command, force, or… Read More


What is an Admiralissimo?

Introduction Admiralissimo is an informal title for a chief naval officer, usually implying supreme naval command. It does not correspond to any particular rank and is a naval equivalent of generalissimo. Brief History The history of this title is unknown but it may have an Italian origin like its army equivalent, generalissimo. List of Senior… Read More

What is a Generalissimo?

Introduction Generalissimo is a military rank of the highest degree, superior to field marshal and other five-star ranks in the states where they are used. Refer to Stars & Generals article and Admiralissimo. Usage The word generalissimo, an Italian term, is the absolute superlative of generale (‘general’) thus meaning “the highest-ranking of all generals”. The… Read More

What is a Commander-in-Chief?

Introduction A commander-in-chief or supreme commander is the person who exercises supreme command and control over armed forces or a military branch. As a technical term, it refers to military competencies that reside in a country’s executive leadership, a head of state or a head of government. Definition The formal role and title of a… Read More

What is A La Suite?

Introduction À la suite (French pronunciation: ​[a la sɥit], in the entourage [of]) was a military title given to those who were allotted to the army or a particular unit for honour’s sake, and entitled to wear a regimental uniform but otherwise had no official position. Background In Prussia, these were: À la suite of… Read More

What is a Subedar?

Introduction Subedar is a rank of junior commissioned officer in the Indian Army; a senior non-commissioned officer in the Pakistan Army, and formerly a Viceroy’s commissioned officer in the British Indian Army. Refer to Subedar-Major. Brief History Subedar or subadar was the second-highest rank of Indian officer in the military forces of British India, ranking… Read More

What is a Subedar-Major?

Introduction Subedar Major is the senior-most rank of junior commissioned officer in the Indian and Pakistani Armies, formerly known as the Viceroy’s commissioned officer in the British Indian Army. Refer to Subedar and Jemadar. Brief History During the British Raj, Battalion Subedar-Major was the highest rank natives could achieve. He would serve as a representative… Read More