Leaders Create…

“Leaders create command climate. Positive leadership can eliminate micro-management, careerism, integrity violations and the zero defects mind-set. These attitudes are an unfortunate side effect of the turmoil created by the downsizing of our Army. These attitudes have appeared in the past-but we defeated them. We will do so again.” General Dennis J. Reimer, Chief of… Read More


What is the Effect of the Affordable Care Act Dependency Mandate on US Army Reenlistment?

Research Paper Title [Job] Locked and [Un]loaded: The effect of the Affordable Care Act dependency mandate on reenlistment in the US Army. Background One concern with employer-based health insurance is job lock or the inability for employees to leave their current employment for better opportunities for fear of losing benefits. The researchers use the implementation… Read More

What is the Cannon-Delivered Area Effects Munition (C-DAEM)?

The US Army wants to build cannon-fired missiles that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to hunt their targets, out of reach of human oversight. C-DAEM, as the project is known, requires the weapon to hit moving and imprecisely located armoured targets whose exact position has high uncertainty. Unlike laser-guided weapons, which strike a target highlighted… Read More

What are the Factors Associated with Motorcycle Traffic Crash Fatalities among Active Duty US Army personnel?

Research Paper Title Factors associated with motorcycle traffic crash fatalities among active duty U.S. Army personnel. Background Research on factors associated with motorcycle fatalities among active duty US Army personnel is limited. This analysis describes motorcycle crash-related injuries from 1995 through 2014 and assesses the effect of alcohol use and helmet use on the risk… Read More

Pen vs Sword…

“Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons.” General Douglas MacArthur (1880 to 1964) A US Army General who is widely known for his exploits during World War II, where he commanded the Southwest Pacific Theatre, as military administrator of post-war Japan during the Allied occupation that followed (1945-51),… Read More

Defining Normal Balance for US Army Aviators

Research Paper Title Defining Normal Balance for Army Aviators. Background One challenge clinicians face is determining when a military Service Member (SM) can return to duty after an injury that affects the postural control. The gold standard to measure postural control is the Sensory Organisation Test (SOT). This test measures the amount of sway present… Read More

What are the Regional Changes in Density and Microarchitecture in the Ultradistal Tibia of Female Recruits after US Army Basic Combat Training?

Research Paper Title Regional Changes in Density and Microarchitecture in the Ultradistal Tibia of Female Recruits after U.S. Army Basic Combat Training. Background Musculoskeletal injuries, such as stress fracture, are responsible for over 10-million lost-duty days among US Army Soldiers. During Basic Combat Training (BCT), an 8- to 10-week programme that transforms civilians into Soldiers,… Read More