How Many Soldiers-in-training are likely to Seek Help when Experiencing a Mental Health Problem?

Research Paper Title Identifying Risk and Resilience Factors Associated With the Likelihood of Seeking Mental Health Care Among U.S. Army Soldiers-in-Training. Background The Department of Defence aims to maintain mission readiness of its service members. Therefore, it is important to understand factors associated with treatment seeking in order to identify areas of prevention and intervention… Read More


US Army Military Police Training & Injury Incidence

Research Paper Title A prospective investigation of injury incidence and injury risk factors among army recruits in military police training. Background United States Army military police (MP) training is a 19-week course designed to introduce new recruits to basic soldiering skills, Army values and lifestyle, and law enforcement skills and knowledge. The present investigation examined… Read More

Establishing the Concepts & Techniques of Performance-Oriented Training in US Army Training Centres

Research Paper Title Establishing the Concepts and Techniques of Performance-Oriented Training in Army Training Centres: A Summary Report. Abstract The specific objective of Work Unit ATC-PERFORM was to provide technical research and development assistance to the US Army agencies involved in the review, evaluation, and refinement of performance-based training techniques in Army Training Centres. It… Read More