Intelligence & Resourcefulness…

‘A British General after viewing the work of the Canadians in attack at Paardeberg [sic], said: “Those men can go into battle without a leader, they have intelligence and resourcefulness enough to lead themselves.’ They did not stand beside stones waiting for an order to get behind them and save their lives. They saved their… Read More


Covid, Online Wargaming, & Keeping Soldiering Skills Sharp

An online soldier community that has been deploying video games to help keep battlefield skills sharp has started to attract toplevel interest. Players in the tri-Service UK Fight Club have turned to wargaming titles as a way of engaging each other online and practising manoeuvres that could be used on real-life exercises. Now, having picked… Read More

What is the Value of Spatial Disorientation Training for Military Pilots?

Research Paper Title Spatial Disorientation Survey Among Military Pilots. Background Spatial disorientation (SD) remains a significant cause of accidents and near accidents. A variety of training methods have been used to assist pilots to anticipate the SD problem. The value of such training in the prevention of disorientation has been difficult to assess. Methods To… Read More

A Leader in Every Sense…

“An Army leader, more than a leader anywhere else, must be a leader in every sense. And for such a leader to help his men in everything but in their thinking is for him to avoid one of this chief responsibilities and to neglect one of the chief methods in which he can serve his… Read More

Military Training at Admiral Farragut Academy

Admiral Farragut Academy is a military school located in Florida. This is a traditional PreK-12th grade college-prep and private school. This United States military academy is so much more than a typical military school. The educational institution is founded on the idea of using military tools to create respectful and well-rounded men and women who… Read More

Shock-absorbing Insoles & Military Boots: An Effective Solution?

Research Paper Title Functional Evaluation of a Shock Absorbing Insole During Military Training in a Group of Soldiers: A Pilot Study. Background Soldiers’ lower limbs and feet are frequently affected by overload- and overuse-related injuries. In order to prevent or limit the incidence of these injuries, the use of foot orthoses is often recommended. The… Read More

Qualities, Training, & Experience…

“Everyone recognizes that the priceless qualities of leadership are not possessed by everyone. In the best leaders, certain fundamental qualities such as competence, clear-thinking, self-discipline, impartiality, and decisiveness are apparent. These characteristics give a leader an ability to inspire confidence in his subordinates. It takes these qualities, plus training and experience, to develop good leadership.… Read More