Maintenance Tips for Bulletproof Vests

Introduction Everyone knows that a bulletproof vest (aka body armour/ballistic vest/ballistic armour) is a must for law enforcement officers and military personnel because they reduce the risk of injury and, importantly, save lives. However, do you understand how you can prolong your body armour’s life? While taking proper care of your ballistic armour is not… Read More


Are Military Personnel at Risk from UVR Exposure?

Research Paper Title Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure, Risk, and Protection in Military and Outdoor Athletes. Background Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun is associated with deleterious health effects including, but not limited to, increased risk of skin cancers. Military personnel and those who participate in outdoor exercise or sports represent two potential populations at… Read More

How to Choose the Right Body Armour

Body armour is an important piece of kit that can save lives. While it was historically used to protect military personnel, there are now a variety of different people that require protection against handgun or rifle fire, including security guards, law enforcement agencies, and even the general public. Whatever your reason for wanting to invest… Read More

Tips on Keeping an Eye on Your Health Wherever You Go

Your eyes are an essential part of your body and they deserve to be taken care of. There are things that you can put in place to ensure your eyes stay healthy. How can you achieve this? Well, I will show you some simple tips that you can keep your eyes healthy always. Read on… Read More

Leishmaniasis & Personal Protection in the Colombian Armed Forces

Research Paper Title Leishmaniasis: Who Uses Personal Protection among Military Personnel in Colombia? Background Leishmaniasis is common in Colombia, negatively affecting the health of military personnel active in endemic areas. The disease is transmitted by sand fly bites. Therefore, during duty, use of long-sleeved uniforms and other clothes treated with permethrin and application of mosquito… Read More