What is the Incidence of Leishmaniasis Among Iranian Army Units (2014-2017)?

Research Paper Title Spatial modeling of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis among Iranian Army Units during 2014-2017 using hierarchical Bayesian method and spatial scan statistic. Background This study aimed to map the incidence and identify possible spatial clusters of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (CL) among Iranian Army Units (IAUs). Methods This ecological study investigated incidence cases of CL between 2014… Read More


Spatio-temporal Analysis of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis among Iranian Army Units during 2005-2014

Research Paper Title Spatio-temporal analysis of cutaneous leishmaniasis using geographic information system among Iranian Army Units and its comparison with the general population of Iran during 2005-2014. Background To investigate the time trend and distribution of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iranian Army Units (IAUs) and general population (GP). Methods Using census, Data on CL incidence in… Read More

Leishmaniasis & Personal Protection in the Colombian Armed Forces

Research Paper Title Leishmaniasis: Who Uses Personal Protection among Military Personnel in Colombia? Background Leishmaniasis is common in Colombia, negatively affecting the health of military personnel active in endemic areas. The disease is transmitted by sand fly bites. Therefore, during duty, use of long-sleeved uniforms and other clothes treated with permethrin and application of mosquito… Read More