What are the Top Five Principal Causes of Medical Downgrading in the UK Regular Armed Forces?

Table 1 outlines the top five principal [1] causes of medical downgrading in the UK Regular armed forces on 01 April 2017 [2]. Table 1: Top five principals causes of medical downgrading Causes Percentage Musculoskeletal Disorders & Injuries 59 Mental & Behavioural Disorders 11 Factors Influencing Health Status [3] 5 Ear & Mastoid Process Diseases… Read More


Leishmaniasis & Personal Protection in the Colombian Armed Forces

Research Paper Title Leishmaniasis: Who Uses Personal Protection among Military Personnel in Colombia? Background Leishmaniasis is common in Colombia, negatively affecting the health of military personnel active in endemic areas. The disease is transmitted by sand fly bites. Therefore, during duty, use of long-sleeved uniforms and other clothes treated with permethrin and application of mosquito… Read More

The Value of Military Involvement in Nonemergency Health Engagement

Research Paper Title A Review of the Role of the U.S. Military in Nonemergency Health Engagement. Background In recent decades, the U.S. Department of Defense has become increasingly committed to involvement in nonemergency medical humanitarian and civic assistance. This health policy report reviews the legal and doctrinal justifications behind the U.S. military’s participation in nonemergency… Read More

The Motivation to Benefit from Exercise

Physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes,  and other chronic diseases and conditions. Despite the wealth of information about the benefits of exercise, sedentary adults often find it hard to change their behaviour in a sustainable manner. The development of interventions that support behaviour change is therefore… Read More

Research: Is Asthma a Vanishing Disease?

Research Paper Title Is Asthma a Vanishing Disease: A Study to Forecast the Burden of Asthma in 2022. Background Recent evidence regarding temporal trends of asthma burden has not been consistent, with some countries reporting decreases in prevalence of asthma. In Ontario, the province in Canada with the highest population, the prevalence of asthma rose… Read More