Scottish Military Veterans Who Lose Limbs Due to Disease

Research Paper Title Postservice lower limb amputation in Scottish military veterans. Background Recent attention has focused on veterans who have lost limbs in conflict, but the number of UK veterans who lose limbs to disease is unknown. The researchers used data from the Trends in Scottish Veterans’ Health study to explore postservice lower limb amputation.… Read More


looking Out for Cutaneous Larva Migrans in Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Unusual presentations of cutaneous larva migrans in British military personnel. Background Cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) is one of numerous skin diseases that occur in British military personnel on deployments to the tropics and sub-tropics. It is typically managed by military primary healthcare services, but diagnostic uncertainty or unavailability of anti-helminthic medication may… Read More

ACL Reconstruction & ‘Mid-Stage Training & Testing

Research Paper Optimising the ‘Mid-Stage’ Training and Testing Process After ACL Reconstruction. Background Outcomes following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction need improving, with poor return-to-sport rates and high risk of secondary re-injury. There is a need to improve rehabilitation strategies after ACL reconstruction, if we can support enhanced patient outcomes. This paper discusses how to… Read More

Outlining the Unmet Healthcare Needs of ROK Personnel

Research Paper Title Annual Disease Experience by Type and Correlations with Unmet Healthcare Needs among ROK Military Personnel. Background The National Statistical Yearbook of Defence 2018 issued by the Republic of Korea (ROK) Ministry of National Defence reported that the number of patients using military hospitals steadily increased from 2008 to 2017. However, in the… Read More

What are the Top Five Principal Causes of Medical Downgrading in the UK Regular Armed Forces?

Table 1 outlines the top five principal [1] causes of medical downgrading in the UK Regular armed forces on 01 April 2017 [2]. Table 1: Top five principals causes of medical downgrading Causes Percentage Musculoskeletal Disorders & Injuries 59 Mental & Behavioural Disorders 11 Factors Influencing Health Status [3] 5 Ear & Mastoid Process Diseases… Read More

Leishmaniasis & Personal Protection in the Colombian Armed Forces

Research Paper Title Leishmaniasis: Who Uses Personal Protection among Military Personnel in Colombia? Background Leishmaniasis is common in Colombia, negatively affecting the health of military personnel active in endemic areas. The disease is transmitted by sand fly bites. Therefore, during duty, use of long-sleeved uniforms and other clothes treated with permethrin and application of mosquito… Read More

The Value of Military Involvement in Nonemergency Health Engagement

Research Paper Title A Review of the Role of the U.S. Military in Nonemergency Health Engagement. Background In recent decades, the U.S. Department of Defense has become increasingly committed to involvement in nonemergency medical humanitarian and civic assistance. This health policy report reviews the legal and doctrinal justifications behind the U.S. military’s participation in nonemergency… Read More