1.0 Introduction

The Defence Special Operations Training and Education Centre (DSOTEC) is a training and education establishment of the Australian Army’s Special Operations Command (SOCOMD).

2.0 Background

  • The DSOTEC was established on 19 November 2019.
  • DSOTEC was reorganised from the Special Operations Training & Education Centre (SOTEC), which was established on 01 September 2017 from the Special Forces Training Centre (SFTC).
  • SFTC was established at Lone Pine Barracks, Singleton, NSW, on 01 December 1998 in response to a mid-1990’s review to enhance and reinvigorate Australia’s special operations capabilities.

3.0 Role

The role of DSOTEC is to unify SOCOMD’s individual training and education system under one organisation.

DSOTEC, and its subsidiaries, are tasked with the delivery of world class training to equip members of the ADF and international partners with the skills needed to conduct special and airborne operations.

DSOTEC also has a key role to play in the Special Operations Capability Assurance Framework.

As such DSOTEC:

  • Recruits, screens and trains selected personnel for service with Commandos and the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR);
  • Manages doctrine development, marketing, training support and validation and specialist capability development; and
  • Ensures the ongoing provision of high-calibre, trained individuals to Commandos and SASR to enable continuous elite military capabilities.

4.0 Organisation

DSOTEC is located at Holsworthy Barracks, Sydney.

DSOTEC will be “equal in status to other Army training centres with O6 command (Brigadier”, and consist of two subordinate training establishments:

5.0 References

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