1.0 Introduction

This article provides an overview of the training process for Irish Air Corps Aircraft Technicians wishing to join the Irish Defence Forces (IDF).

2.0 Purpose of Recruit Training

The purpose of the Recruit Training Syllabus is to produce a physically fit, disciplined and motivated Two Star Infantry soldier with basic military skills.

Recruit training (aka boot camp, basic training or Phase 1 initial training) is seventeen weeks in duration.

It is followed by Three Star training and at a later stage by Trained Soldier Specialist Training courses.

3.0 Outline of Basic Training

Aircraft technician training is divided into two training programmes:

  • Military Training:
    • Phase 1: Induction lasting two week.
    • Phase 2: Basic Training Period lasting six weeks.
    • Phase 3: Tactical Training Period lasting six weeks.
    • Phase 4: Final Training Period lasting three weeks.
  • Technical Training:
    • Three and half years of technical training.

3.1 Phase 1: Induction

Phase 1 is two weeks in duration and training includes:

  • An orientation package;
  • Medical intake processing;
  • Adventure training;
  • Information/motivational instruction;
  • Personnel/logistical administration;
  • Health and safety education and training; and
  • Physical training.

Training takes the form of both lecture and practical demonstrations.

3.2 Phase 2: Basic Training Period

Phase 2 is six weeks in duration and training includes:

  • Foot/arms drill;
  • Rifle marksmanship (to include the Recruits Annual Personal Weapons Test), GPMG (to include the Recruits Annual Personal Weapons Test); and
  • Physical training.

3.3 Phase 3: Tactical Training Period

Phase 3 is six weeks in duration and training includes:

  • Tactical training that culminates with a five (5) day exercise in week 14.
  • Section level tactics.

3.4 Phase 4: Final Training Period

Phase 4 is three weeks in duration and training includes:

  • Final testing and assessment; and
  • Passing Out Parade.

On successful completion of basic military training, trainee aircraft technicians will undertake their technical training.

4.0 Technical Training

Technical training is approximately three and a half years in duration and is delivered via the Air Corps Technical Training School (ACTTS).

The ACTTS is European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved and training is accredited by the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Through a combination of theory, workshops, and examinations trainee aircraft technicians will learn all about aspects of aircraft maintenance, including fixed and rotary wing aircraft, power plant, and avionics.

Trainees will also undertake a Bachelor Engineering Technology Degree in Military Aviation Technology, which consists of:

  • Mathematics for Technology.
  • Physics for Technology.
  • Electrical Fundamentals.
  • Electronic Fundamentals.
  • Materials and Hardware.
  • Digital Techniques.
  • Aerodynamics.
  • Maintenance Practices.
  • Human Factors.
  • Aviation Legislation.
  • Gas Turbine Engine/Propulsion.
  • Rotor Wing Aerodynamics Structures & Systems.
  • Fixed Wing Aerodynamics Structures & Systems.
  • Aircraft Avionics Aerodynamics Structures & Systems. Propellers.
  • On Aircraft Practical Experience. Dissertation. Military Aircraft Systems.
  • Aviation Legislation – Military.
  • AMMS.

These subjects manifest as:

  • Lectures;
  • Practical lessons;
  • Laboratory experiments;
  • Work placement;
  • Dissertation;
  • Course administration; and
  • Examinations and tests.

5.0 Assignment to First Unit

Aircraft Technicians who successfully complete the training programmes receive their Unit assignment towards the end of training.