Last Updated: 03 June, 2015

Suitable For

The DIT course is for all personnel who are employed, or are about to be employed in formal instructional roles to Phase 3 trainees and Unit training. Those instructors who are employed or about to be employed in formal training to Phase 1 & 2 trainees should apply for the Defence Train the Trainer (DTTT) course.

Army personnel should also view the Army Instructor Capability programme.

This is now a legacy qualification, the reader is directed to The Defence Trainer Capability and the Army Instructor Capability pages for up to date information on the new range of courses.

Course Aim

This is a foundation course providing essential skills and techniques to personnel employed in Phase 3 and Unit instructional duties. The course covers the principles and practice of delivering effective periods of instruction.

Course Essentials

Entry Requirements

Army Personnel: in the first instance personnel should approach their AEC or nearest DIT Franchised unit. A list of these units is available from HQ Educational Capability (Army) (D Ed Cap) on Military Net: 94344 8715.

Royal Naval Personnel: all RN personnel should apply via the RN Course Booking Cell at HMS Collingwood. Courses are loaded 8 weeks prior to their start date. Applications received after the cut-off date are automatically placed on a reserve list.

  • College: Defence Academy
  • Category: Professional Development
  • Duration Details: 5 days.
  • Location: RAF Halton
  • Delivery Method: Classroom
  • Course Contact Details: Tel: 01296 656451 and Mil: 95237 6451

Course Components

For more detailed information on the DIT course view: DIT Course Overview.


4 thoughts on “Defence Instructional Techniques (DIT) Course

  1. Hi,

    I’ve read through this and am I right in thinking that DIT is now obsolete?
    I knew that the AIC was superseding DIT and DTTT but wasn’t sure?
    If not when will will this happen?


    1. Hi Chris,

      It has already happened. DIT was superseded by DTTT, which in turn was superseded by DTTT v2. It is a much more rounded course, with emphasis on development of the instructor, as well as instructors developing their students. Successful candidates also receive fully accredited civilian qualifications which are approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

      1. Andrew,

        That’s what I thought and what my previous job was implementing.
        My new job is still teaching DIT to newly promoted workers though?


      2. Hi Chris,

        Is it a case of delivering the new curriculum but people still call it by the old name? The latest SASC Journal, published in August 2015, tells us that DIT (as we know it) will be phased out by 31 March 2016. Personnel who deliver:

        1. Formal distributed training will attend a 5-day course Defence Distributed Trainer (DDT) – in old speak, DIT.
        2. Workplace training will attend a 3-day Defence Workplace Trainer (DWT) course (this is not expected to be widely used within the Army).

        Personnel in non-trainer posts within a defence training establishment will attend a stand-alone Care of Trainee (COT) course.

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