Heart, ECG

This page provides the reader with a number of medical-related calculators:

  1. Heart Age Forecast Tool: http://www.knowyournumbers.co.nz/; (self explanatory).
  2. QIntervention 2012: http://www.qintervention.org/; QIntervention® enables you to work out your risk of diabetes, heart disease, or stroke over the next 10 years and show you how that risk could change with interventions such as stopping smoking, losing weight, lowering your blood pressure or taking cholesterol lowering medication. It also shows unintended effects of statins.
  3. QRISK2-2012: http://www.qrisk.org/; You can use this calculator to work out your risk of having a heart attack or stroke over the next ten years by answering some simple questions. It is suitable for people who do not already have a diagnosis of heart disease or stroke.
  4. RADAR Medical Procedure Radiation Dose Calculator & Consent Language Generator: http://www.doseinfo-radar.com/RADARDoseRiskCalc.html; This gives the radiation dose estimates for certain radiographic and nuclear medicine procedures, based on literature reported values.
  5. X-ray Risk: http://www.xrayrisk.com/index.php; Improve your understanding of the radiation risks from medical imaging. Calculate your dose and estimate cancer risk from studies including CT scans, x-rays, nuclear scans and interventional procedures.

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