First Aid, LogoFirst aid and CPR certifications are key qualifications required by all fitness professionals. The purpose of certification is to provide fitness professionals with the knowledge and practical skills to be able to deal with a range of injuries and illnesses.

This section of the website provides the reader with an overview of first aid by country (an ongoing process).

Included in each country’s overview:

  • Legislation and responsibilities:
    • Policy development.
    • Regulation and enforcement.
    • Consultative forums.
    • Industry associations.
    • Training package development and implementation.
    • Permits and licences.
    • Resuscitation council and guidelines.
    • Employer and employee representatives.
  • Outline of first and and CPR certifications.
    • Courses/Qualifications.
    • Units of competence.
    • Topics covered.
    • Performance criteria.
    • Course duration.
    • Assessment methods.
    • Typical costs.
  • Useful publications.
  • Useful links.

Click on a country’s flag to get an overview of its first aid environment.

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