RAF Halton, commanded by a Group Captain, is home to a number of training units and lodger units that span all types of training and a vast selection of wider defence tasks. RAF Halton is a station of No 22 (Training) Group and part of the Directorate of Recruitment and Initial Training (DRIT) and is located in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. RAF Halton is also home to the Defence Centre of Training Support and the Training Analysis Centre (Section 3.5).

2.0     Airmen’s Command Squadron

The Airmen’s Command Squadron (ACS) is responsible for delivering education and training to equip Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be more effective leaders and managers in their primary duties. Instructional staffs are committed to establishing an educational environment that meets the varied learning needs of all students and is aligned with the principles of respect, integrity, service and excellence.

ACS is responsible for delivering four generic Management and Leadership [LINK] courses that are progressive in nature and focussed at particular rank levels. They also provide two bespoke Command and Management courses for Non-Commissioned Aircrew.

3.0     Supply and Management Training Wing

No Details.

4.0     Specialist Training School

The Specialist Training School, based at RA Halton, is part of No 22 (Training) Group and provides training in three areas: environmental management; health and safety; and quality management. The school is staffed by a small, dedicated team of specialist trainers, all highly experienced in their respective subject area. The Environmental Protection and Health and Safety areas provide courses accredited to the leading bodies in the respective fields.

  • Environmental Protection: a number of courses aimed at individuals requiring both general and specialist training in environmental issues are provided by the school. Whilst the complete set of courses provides the candidate with a comprehensive understanding of environmental topics, the modular approach offered enables personnel to tailor training to meet requirements.
  • Health and Safety: a number of courses aimed at individuals requiring both general and specialist training in Health and Safety issues are provided by the school. Courses are designed to provide training at all levels from Management to individual Safety Representatives thus ensuring all delegates remain aware of Health and Safety legislation and their responsibilities under the Health and Safety Act 1974.
  • Quality Management: ‘Quality’ is a word to the forefront in any successful organisation. Within the RAF, Quality Systems have operated for many years, and on a number of stations, these Quality Systems have been recognised by the awarding of the ISO 9000 standard. A Quality System affects all personnel, and this is recognised by the range of Quality Management courses provided by the school. Whether it is someone who requires just an awareness of a quality system, or someone who will manage a quality system, the Quality area offers a course to cover all needs.

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