OCR Associations, Federations & Unions
Name Description
American Obstacle Course Racing Association (AOCRA)
  • Established on 30 January 2018, AOCRA is a co-operative organisation created by a group of organisations, individuals, and supporters within the OCR community.
  • Its goal is to develop and support the sport of OCR and its participants within the US. AOCRA acts partly as a trade group and partly as an individual membership for athletes.
The OCRGB Group Ltd
  • Established on 19 February 2018, and formerly known as the Obstacle Course Racing Association UK (OCRAUK) between 02 October 2014 and 19 February 2018, the OCRGB Group Ltd is an independent organisation that seeks to provide governance and regulation on the rules for competition within the UK OCR industry.
International Obstacle Course Racing Union (IOCRU)
  • Established in [YEAR] with the purpose of serving the global community of OCR athletes, promoting and developing the sport of OCR, and fostering relationships between athletes, supporters, sponsors, fans, and race organisers.
International Obstacle Course Racing Federation
  • Incorporated on 18 February 2015 but dissolved on 31 May 2016.