Overview of Philippine Elite and Special Forces
Armed Forces of the Philippines Special Operations Command (AFPSOCOM)

Light green background indicates part of AFPSOCOM.

Philippine Army Special Operations Forces (SOF)
Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) (SFR-A) First Scout Ranger Regiment (FSSR)
Light Reaction Regiment (LRR) Civil Affairs Group (CAG)
Security and Escort Battalion (TBR)
Philippine Navy SOF
Naval Special Warfare Group (NSWG)
Philippine Marine Corps SOF
Marine Special Operations Group (MARSOG) Marine Scout Sniper Unit (MSSU)
Also known as the Force Reconnaissance Battalion
Philippine Air Force SOF
710th Special Operations Wing (710 SPOW)
Philippine National Police (PNP) SOF
Special Action Force (SAF) Maritime Group
Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT)
Philippine Coast Guard SOF
Coast Guard Special Operations Force (CGSOF)
Philippine Joint/Combined SOF
Presidential Security Group (PSG) Joint Special Operations Group (JSOG)