1.0     Introduction

This article provides an overview of the British Army Reserve Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Intermediate Module One (IM1) course.

2.0     Aim

The aim of the IM1 course is to enhance the knowledge of the Army Reserve PTI (Basic) instructor.

On successful completion of the module, all duties are to be carried out in a manner consistent with this document and in accordance with the:

  • Training Objectives (TOs);
  • Enabling Objectives (EO’s);
  • Course Assessment Strategy (CAS); and
  • Army Reserve PTI (Basic) Job Specification.

3.0     Eligibility

The course is open to individuals in the rank range of Lance Corporal to Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) (see note 1) serving in the Army Reserve.

The following points regarding student attendance should be noted:

  • Private Soldiers: Private soldiers are not permitted to attend the course, however, Local Lance Corporals may apply but will be afforded the lowest priority when loading the course.
  • Foreign students: Foreign countries wishing to send students on the course must first apply to International Defence Training, who will then process the course application on their behalf.
  • Suitability: Students attending the course are to be physically fit and have an aptitude for physical and recreational training. Applicants are to be volunteers and must meet the pre- course requisites as detailed in the CAS.

All students must:

  • Have successfully completed the Army Reserve (Basic) course;
  • Hold the minimum substantive rank of Lance Corporal;
  • Have passed a personal fitness assessment (PFA) and annual fitness test (AFT) within the previous one month; and
  • Must be medically fit to attend the course.
    • Students are to provide a completed FMed 566 annotated as “FIT TO ATTEND COURSE” and signed by a Medical Officer.
    • Failure to produce this document will result in the student being returned to unit (RTU).

[1] In exceptional circumstances units may apply to LFTD to have the range increased to Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4).

4.0     Course Objectives

On successful completion of the IM1 course, students will be able to implement safety and injury prevention in relation to physical training.

It should be noted that completion of IM1 does not allow the Army Reserve PTI (Basic) to operate unsupervised, therefore they will still be required to work under direct or indirect supervision of:

  • A Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructor (RAPTCI);
  • A Recruit Training Centre Warrant Officer Physical Training (RTC WO PT);
  • An Army Reserve Physic Training Instructor (IA) (AR PTI (IA)); or
  • A Unit Fitness Training Officer (UFTO).

5.0     Outline of the Course

  • The IM1 course is two (2) days in duration, usually over a weekend.
  • Students will be required to:
    • Share an Instructional Practice (IP); and
    • Successfully complete a written exam.

An outline of the Regular Army’s All Arms Physical Training Instructor (AA PTI) course can be found here.

6.0     Qualification

On successful completion of IM1, the student will be awarded the qualification of Army Reserve PTI (Basic) with IM1.

7.0     Further Courses

Other courses that can be attended include: