1.0 Introduction

This article provides an overview of the recruitment and selection process for Irish Air Corps aircraft technicians wishing to join the Irish Defence Forces (IDF).

2.0 Eligibility Criteria

  • Be 18 years of age or over and under 23 years of age on the date mentioned in the notice for the current competition.
  • At the time of entry, not application, to the Air Corps candidates must:
    • Achieve passes in five subjects at ordinary level (or equivalent), to include:
      • Mathematics;
      • English; and
      • One technical subject.
  • Foundation Level and Leaving Cert Applied subjects are not reckonable.
  • A successful candidate is expected to have CAO points equivalent to the requirements of DT 011, which is the civil programme offered by the accrediting Academic Institute – DIT.
  • In 2014, the CAO points required were 340.

3.0 Cadet Competition

The recruitment and selection process for Irish Air Corps aircraft technicians is an annual event known as the Competition. Dates for competitions are advertised in national newspapers and the IDF website.

The process includes:

  • Online Application:
    • All candidates who meet the minimum eligibility criteria are invited to attend a Fitness Testing centre.
  • Fitness Testing:
    • Defence Forces Induction Fitness Test (DFIFT).
    • All candidates who pass the DFIFT and minimum eligibility criteria are invited to attend psychometric testing.
  • Psychometric Testing:
    • Psychometric testing includes:
      • Ability to work under pressure;
      • Teamwork;
      • Technical aptitude;
      • Personal motivation; and
      • Military career orientation.
  • Medical Exam.
    • Successful candidates will attend a medical examination, to include a full air medical, undertaken at St Bricin’s Military Hospital, Dublin.
  • Security Clearance:
    • In conjunction with the medical exam candidates will undergo security vetting by An Garda Siochana.

Candidates are placed in a competition’s order of merit, with only the top scoring candidates being offered a trainee Aircraft Technician position in the technical training programme.